Wyze 1st gen contact sensor storage

Wondering if anybody knows if removing a battery before storing it will prevent it from breaking itself do to the battery running low. I wouldn’t store it until I verified that it works with the bridge and had a good battery before I removed it four storage? I currently have about half a dozen contact sensors and motion sensors paired with a camera and they’re keeping them in the vicinity waiting for the low battery notification from the actual device wondering if there’s a way around this by simply removing the batteries until I need the contact sensor.

Yeah, if you remove the battery it will be fine. The problem is when a really, really low battery becomes so weak that it gives off a charge below the minimum 1.8V, this causes a lock-up state/Brown-out-detect. Here’s the Texas Instruments advisory on the issue regarding the chipset used in these sensors:

Basically 0.00V is okay, but 1.78V bricks it. It is technically ruined while the battery is super low, just before it is dead…

Therefore, if you remove a still functioning battery, the sensor will not ever feel the low voltage and will continue to function correctly whenever you reinsert a properly functioning battery again. Your plan will work fine. Go for it.

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Awesome, that’s what my gut was telling me. But you just reaffirmed that. Is it also safe to assume the ones that I have paired to the bridge will trigger low-power in time for me to swap the battery out before breaking it? Thanks again in advance.
You should see the life of that I hardwired to the sensor that is now on my garage door pendulum. Should have enough power to run for years :slight_smile:

And on another note I do have one brick sensor here I’m seeing mixed feelings as to whether or not these things can actually be resurrected by someone with strong electrical background and has access to tons of resources. (Work in computer shop at University) Thx

Presumably they should work the same on the new hub… But we’ll have to see.

I stopped getting the low battery notifications a couple of weeks ago. I think they messed it up when they changed the gui for them recently.

There are walkthroughs for how to restore the sensors yourself, it’s just a pain to do it unless you but a special tool.

Have you seen anything at all saying the v2 sensor hub will support v1 sensors?

My presumption is NFW.

I asked that same question some time ago. This was the response:

Yep as MarkR posted, I asked this question to Wyze at launch of the V2 sensors and they responded with clarification that the V1 sensors WILL connect to the V2 Hub, though they won’t be allowed to work as part of the Security system tab with security alarms, etc…but they would be allowed to keep functioning the same way they always have (outside of the security system, giving notifications, working with rules/automations, etc just as they do now.