Wyze Sense V1 sensors to trigger alarm with HMS

TL;DR: Wyze Sense v1 sensors don’t work with the new HMS, would like to see that change.

So I just purchased the new Home monitoring system (HMS).

And I did not order additional contact sensors since I already had all my door and windows tagged with Wyze Sense contact sensors.

I went through the HMS Setup, added the new v2 Sensors to it.
And imagine my delight when I saw you could even add the v1 Sensors to the new HMS hub.
I could finally stop using the v2 cameras for the USB Sense Bridge.
And they could give a direct feed to the HMS company Noonlight.

So I reset all my sensors to tie into the new HMS Hub.
And when I was going through the setup to finalize the HMS settings, it said it does not support the v1 sensors.

So before I go out and rebuy all the new bigger sensors for my home, I’d like to ask if the v1 sensors can be added to the HMS in a future update. Because it seems ridiculous that you can tie them to the hub, but not use them for the HMS,

Hi @JayCee
Thanks for your submission. It’s a great idea and I think it’s in the works.

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The v1 sensors can be added to the HMS hub. They will work with automations and rules. The v1 sensors can not trigger alarm to noonlight. Wyze has said this is intended. I will try to find and link to the post. I do not see the v1 sensors as ever being allowed to trigger alarms.

Edit: I attached the post where it was stated they would not be compatible with the monitoring service just the automations.


Agree completely. Wyze needs to support all the people who bought the V1 sensors, not just abandon them. Since you can pair the V1 sensors to theHub I doubt there’s any physical reason why the Hub can’t take an action on them - it’s likely just a software design decision, which could be fixed in an update. Wyze, please fix this!!