Adding other sensors to HM

Is there anyway of adding V1 doors and motion sensors to the home monitoring? I’m sure im not going crazy… i think I read they would work with it :thinking:

They do. Just delete and readd them back to the HM hub.

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Thank you will try that right now.

@Earl.Automation I’ve added the the first V1 sensor and it does not trigger the alarm, it just gives a push notification as usual.


You can add V1 sensors to the Hub, but not to home monitoring.


you can use them (V1 sensors) for rules such as triggering lights, or seeing when and how long doors or windows have been open but they will not work will the “alarm” portion of home monitoring and talk to noonlight and lead to a dispatch. the V1’s are only used for what they were before just on a different hub.


V1 sensors are great for automation purposes, but will not be detected/used by the HMS system for the purpose of security monitoring.

(And you will be able to add up to 100 sensors.)

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I should’ve read the question closer. Sorry about that. Others above have clarified.


we’ve all been there :slight_smile:

Pretty much a rip off than, i mean it’s just a matter of software tweak to add them in or what’s the point of syncing them to the hub​:person_shrugging: I could rely on them 100% more than the cameras. Those things sent push notifications instantly while cameras always have issues. So now I’m forced to rip the old ones out and stick the new ones which i have placed in other spots already :person_facepalming: But I guess the whole goal is to forced customer to buy the latest and greatest.

The V1s will do what the V1s have always done, whether you use a Bridge or the new Hub.

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