Stand alone Wyze Sense Bridge

@WyzeGwendolyn is it possible that if there is a a stand alone bridge that it could be something that bridges all Wyze products? I have 3 cameras and Wyze Sense currently and so far everything has been great. However, I have a different product for lighting. I recently replaced my router and noticed how much easier the switch would have been if I had a hub based system instead of all wireless. I understand that having such a hub/bridge would additional man hours to produce and support and add cost, but the convenience of being able to connect to a central point and then a hardline connection to the router would be worth it. I understand that not everyone likes having several different hubs/bridges taking up space on the router and electrical outlets. However, one bridge to rule them all for Wyze products might be a selling point. Could also give way to being able to store camera data in one spot rather than individual or on the cloud.


I don’t think that the one we’re currently working on is able to do that but I know we’re having this as a larger conversation at Wyze. Thanks for bringing it up! :slight_smile:


From the V3 FAQ, a standalone Wyze Sense bridge is coming soon!



Nice find, good to hear.

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i’m ready!

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Whatever came of the concept of a stand-alone bridge for use of motion and switches? I don’t have a need for a sprinkler controller nor a smart lock nor a scale - but I could definitely make use of a bridge. I already own plenty of bulbs, 5 cams, and some left-over switches and motion detectors from gifts to others who didn’t make use of all… so please tell me where that idea stands.

Thx! Jim

the stand alone bridge is coming, sounds like it may be soon.

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Yes, its in the guise of the new home monitoring system which basically makes all sense version 1 sensors obsolete. wyze sucks because despite the sensors being less than 2 years old since introduction, they have or will stop supporting it. you can’t even buy any more.

Its a dead issue now that we have the new home security monitoring service.

The v2 sense will be available as a separate purchase

how do you know? right now its packaged as a monitoring service. even if you don’t want the annual plan you still have to pay $4.99/mo

I’ve seen Gwen mention it a couple times the at the v2 sense kit will be available once the security system has launched.

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Yeah, I’ve seen that Gwen had mentioned it a few months back but then came to the realization that she probably meant the V2 sense kit being part of the subscription home monitoring thing.

no, I’ve seen some recent responses from questions about purchasing sense v2 separately & she said they would be available,

Gwen actually mentioned it in this post from a week ago. They will be available later but do not have an ETA yet


We wish there was a way to purchase a stand alone bridge. We use the cameras and door sensors on our property which covers a lot of space!! Because of this, some of our door sensors do not work because they are too far away from the main bridge on the camera. We do not need anymore cameras. We only need another bridge to expand the use of our door sensors.

Agreed. As I shared before – I don’t need a scale to weigh myself, and I don’t need a smart lock (I have a very high quality one from Yale), but I DO need a stand-alone bridge w/o more than the five cameras I already own.


I love this comment :laughing: Totally agree cover the basic needs before we start adding scales and headphones.

The Wyze Sense Bridge has been replaced with the Wyze Sense Hub so we are closing this topic.