Wyze to launch home monitoring and security service

I appreciate the input, I am a huge fan of Wyze so I am excited to try the system and save some money. I think I will run both systems and hold off on turning off ADT until I have everything installed. My wife was held at gunpoint in the grocery store robbery and a couple of years ago. She was not physically harmed but has PTSD from the event and our alarm system is always on since that night. As much as I love Wyze products, I need her to get comfortable with the new system before I cut the ADT cord so I am looking for as much info as possible. Thanks everyone.

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I would prefer something that integrates with an existing traditional non smart wired alarm system. My current system has worked without issues for over 25 years, just would be nice to upgrade it without spending an arm and leg. After having a bad experience with the Wyze Sense v1 stuff, I question the life cycle of this wireless stuff that opens up the doors to connection and reliably issues and the upkeep of batteries.

I can’t stress the importance of having, at a minimum, a smoke alarm with the Wyze security system. Most DIY alarm systems include a smoke detector and it’s also required by most home insurance companies. I highly recommend that Wyze develop a smoke detector to complement this system. Otherwise, those who choose to have this system will have to rely on a standalone smoke detector which will be pretty inconvinient.

Welcome Julia.

Protection from fire and water will be coming out after they roll out the basic security feature set (entry/motion.)

“More than just security
Wyze Home Monitoring will soon be able to help you protect your home from water and fire damage as well as make your life more convenient.”

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Looking for a little more technical info on the Wyze HMS system. I have a house and pole barn connected with a wireless bridge.

Do the contact sensors connect to the hub? I see from digging that the keypad does. Or can the sensors connect to the hub over the wifi network?

If the sensors only work by connecting to the hub … can I have 2 hubs on the same network - one in the pole barn (hub, sensors, keypad) and another in the house? Looking to use the same system to monitor both buildings.

Sensors connect to the hub, and the hub connects to the WiFi.

I asked this question (about running 2 hubs simultaneously) in the launch thread, and she initially said yes, then updated the answer to say not at this time.

Depending on the distance between them, you might be able to set the hub up at the far end of the house closest to the pole barn and cover both.

They do plan to allow you to have 2 separate systems/locations on the same account eventually, but currently you’d have to set up 2 different accounts…and what you really want is 2 hubs on the same account/subscription anyway. That will probably take a while to implement.

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Hey @WyzeGwendolyn!

I am looking at this to replace my existing alarm system. A couple of questions I couldn’t answer myself, and didn’t see in posts.

Do you have a picture of the rear of the base unit?

Is the app available yet to look at, or is there some beta access to check it out?

Will you be able to receive notifications/alerts, as opposed to alarms if you want to know if a sensor is tripped, like for your safe, fridge, yard gate, or my office, etc. to know if someone went into it?

Will the base have a chime option, i.e., your front door open and it gives you a ‘DING’ to let you know an entry point was just accessed?

I am excited about adding some more Wyzeification to my home and am leaning very heavily towards going with this during the Pre-Order. Even with purchasing new sensors, and waiting on the leak sensors, I’m still going to end up saving money in the first year. :slight_smile: I may even cancel my existing $24.99 service now so that I can offset the cost of the new system, and save even more money. :slight_smile:

Thanks much,

Wyze hasn’t checked in here much since after the day of the pre-order launch (you might have to call support instead if you want a Wyze employee answer), but I’ll answer what I know:

  • For looking at it, so far there is only what is shown on screenshots or gifs or the video here: Affordable Professional DIY Home Security Monitoring, and Alarm System – Wyze There is a little bit in there showing how it works.
  • It’s my understanding there has been a beta-testing program for this product/service running for several months, but it is full, and current testers are usually limited by a Non-Disclosure Agreement, though sometimes they drop part of that after pre-orders start (to allow them to help answer questions)…however, nobody has yet publicly admitted to being a beta-tester for this one, so it seems like the NDA is still in effect for this product/service until they feel they’ve worked some more stuff out first (again, that’s just my logical deduction).

Absolutely yes. This is answered in the FAQ’s in the support Help Center section https://wyzelabs.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/360011048512-Home-Monitoring-FAQ
and also addressed in the product launch announcement thread. In fact, there are actually a lot more answers in general in that launch thread here:
You can set some sensors to be part of your HMS with the Alarm, and you can put some sensors entirely outside of the HMS system to run the same way the V1 sensors do (still log motion and open/close details and send you notifications through the app as non-security alerts like you are asking about).


  • Also, if you have the video doorbell, you can set a rule to have the video doorbell chime make a different sound every time a certain sensor is triggered (ie: front door has one chime, back door another, etc).
  • If you have any Alexa Echo devices, you can also set up your own custom routines to do this. Anytime the front door opens, you have the Alexa speaker say something or play a certain sound or whatever. Still, it will be nice once they program this into the hub.

This is a great question, I can’t find any picture of the back of it anywhere either, not even any leaked pictures online anywhere, interesting.

I’m sadly not a Wyze employee, but I have done extremely extensive research on this product/service, so hopefully some of the above is helpful. If you absolutely need answers to some of those others that haven’t been directly answered in any of the threads or FAQs to your satisfaction and want a Wyze employee to answer, you might try asking support:

By phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT
Or online: Wyze.com/support

And if you do that and learn something new, please share. :slight_smile:


WOW! Thank you so much for your very detailed response. :slight_smile: I am very excited about this solution. The one I have been using for years is okay, but they have levels that you pay for, more for app access, notifications, etc., and even though it’s cellular, they don’t tell you but once a week if you lost connectivity, leaving you at risk a week at a time if the cell connectivity goes bad, which it does more and more lately.

The start-up cost is minimal, I am looking forward to using Wyze and all of the integration of hardware that they are bringing along with it. :slight_smile:

Thanks again, I will let you know what I find out. :slight_smile:


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You’re welcome.

Ah, well, keep in mind that the Wyze HMS does not include Cellular backup at all. Some of us started discussing ways a person could rig up their own cellular backup for this system to activate whenever power or internet go out, but as of right now, Wyze doesn’t officially have/support cellular backup with this system. So if that is something that is very important to you, you will need to consider that, and may even possibly want to wait until someone reports back confirming and describing how they set up their own automated cellular backup for it. Just a thought.

But for the amount you’re going to be saving by using Wyze’s system, you can probably easily put that extra cost toward your own cellular backup solution and it would still probably be cheaper than your previous company.

I have the same concern - the Wyze design (and price point) is perfect but for the lack of cellular backup. All someone has to do is cut my cable and I have no protection (not to mention how unreliable my ISP is in general).

QUESTION ! - It sounds like the Base is what plays an alarm sound. With the Wyze Sense 1 kits, the system would send the notification to the Wyze server first, and then it would come back to your phone for notification. This worked HORRIBLY. I would get notifications 15 seconds to 20 minutes later!
My big question is, how does the signal chain work? Will the sensor send the notification directly to the base, the base triggers an audible alarm, and then send the data to the server (for noonlight to do its thing)? OR is this going to be like the Sense 1.0 and go to the server first and then trigger an audible alarm on the base?

QUESTION 2 - How much are you planning for the Home Monitoring to cost per year? On the purchase page it has a $109.87 crossed off, and a $59.88 instead. Is it going to be $60 the first year, and then $110 each year after? I understand that pricing can change at any time, but I am curious if this is the plan. IE Comcast gives you a good deal the first year and then automatically ups the price after the first year.


To the Wyze staff - in case you haven’t seen this is one of your competitors.

Yi Cameras - kami 24/7 Pro Monitoring powered by Cove

24/7 pro monitoring

Home Security system with Video Verification
Live Assistance - emergencies monitored 24/7 by professionals
Quicker emergency response time
Single integrated app

I don’t see this deal anywhere, their initial cost is much higher with requiring the control panel, which is $184. I could get the first year of monitoring and all the additional sensors I need for that much with Wyze’s offering.

I have the same exact question. I don’t leave in the US so of course, that subscription service is not an option for me. I know we may not have the option in the first month/year as seems to be a must, but what about coming months/years, are we tie to subscribe to the service to the system works?

Will the system will still work if I don’t pay the subscription going onward?

I’ll have to look for an older post but I believe I came across some information in a different Wyze forum stating that some of the functions/access will be limited without the subscription. I’ll try to do some digging.

The way I read the post is its 59.88 if you pay up front for a year and get the kit free, vs. Paying monthly, and paying for the kit which would equal the 109.87. Maybe?

I don’t know if this has been addressed yet or not, but integration with SmartThings or Google Nest at least for the home/away features would be nice.

Would we be able to use or set the status (home/away/stay) via the app or would that only be controlled by keypads?

I like the fact that you can purchase additional keypads, but wonder if you can adjust the timing before the alarm sounds depending on which entry point opens up. i.e. have a sensor attached to my garage doors, but a longer period to sound the alarm to allow me to park the car, get out and get to the keypad, vs. Having one right inside the front door that I can access in a matter of seconds.

I have an automatic opener on a sliding door to let the dogs out during the day, I can see that being an issue that I’d need to sort out as well…

Does the HMS keypad need to be outside to arm/disarm, or is there a delay to enter then disarm an indoor keypad?

Is the keypad intended to be installed indoors or outdoors? Is there a delay upon entry to disarm to prevent false alarms?

Also, does Sens2 sensors work with Sense Bridge V1? I’d like to replace my V1’s with AAA battery types.