Done with Wyze!?!?

Well it was an interesting run but I think I’m pretty much done dealing with frequently finding disconnected sensors and flashing bulbs. Reconnecting things is getting old. I need security that I can rely on and have confidence that it is functioning without having to check statuses on the daily.
Had high hopes but I guess you get what you pay for. I’ll use this stuff on occasion for various things I’m sure but it won’t be in place of a reliable security system. Ring / Blink here I come (and there goes a new guitar :frowning:). K


Welcome to the ‘ex’ family. I cut the cord on all ‘critical’ functions and couldn’t be happier. Still have a couple of Wyze cams active but only for ‘entertainment’ purposes. If they quit working (which I’m sure they will in short order) I don’t care.

Exactly. $20 security devices don’'t exist. Wyze devices are for entertainment only.


Entertainment and home monitoring don’t fit together. On the other hand, security and home monitoring, yes. Otherwise, they’ll all have to change their stuff. One thing is certain, I will never subscribe to this service.


Time for Class Action Law Suite :disappointed:

Oh, I see. Good luck with that.

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To play the devil’s advocate, how would you prove it’s not your Wi-Fi or device location or interference or ISP or building material or the phase of the moon causing issues? Too many variables and different setups. Wi-Fi still has a ways to go before it hits that perfect mark…unless you’re shelling out some big bucks.

This forum would be a great start. :grinning:

That does make sense. Therefore I will be going with a wired system. I’m tired of my cameras ALWAYS losing signal…