Camera Unreliable

These Wyze cameras are not suitable for security purposes. I have used them for over 2 years and they simply do not record every event and loose connection frequently. They are simply unreliable, a murder could be going on and there is a good chance your wyze camera is not recording anything. I need something that works 99% of the time, not maybe 70-80% like wyze cams.

$20 seurity cameras don’t exist. These are toys.
A Lego camera would cost $40. :grinning:



Absolutely true. I now have 2 documented instances of a Wyze cam failing to detect/capture and record locally motion events.

So glad I’ve moved on and only have the Wyze cams still in operation to compare to cameras from other brands and to prove to myself how bad they really are. When you buy the cheapest camera on the market that’s exactly what you get - the cheapest product on the market with quality and support to match. :unamused:

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I’m coming to the conclusion that hard wired is the only way to go. My non-Wyze camera was working great until I moved it outside. Only 10 feet and one wall between it and the main router/AP and yet it cuts out frequently - and it has an external rubber duck antenna.

Luckily this model already supports Ethernet too.

Hardwired is definitely the best way to go, no fluctuating bitrates to contend with. That being said, I’ve never had my wyze cams miss any events due to connection issues.

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They could be missing events for other reasons and you’d never know unless you happened to be observing at the time. As I mentioned above I’ve got 2 documented instances in just the last couple of weeks of a Wyze cam missing motion events that should have been detected.

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Exactly. I didn’t notice until I went looking for an event at a specific time.
I have 4 cameras outside. A neighbor went through my yard chasing his dog. 3 of the cameras picked it up. When I checked the 4th that specific minute of video was not there. In the SD card playback it skipped a complete minute.
In this case I missed a few seconds of comedy but it’s enough to know you can’t rely on the cameras for critical stuff. This is not surprising. I bought them for entertainment (toys) so am not disappointed at all with how they work.
I’ve really had good luck with connectivity and I don’t use notifications at all.


how does it connect WiFi or POE :grinning:


Dunno but if you try to update it there’s a good chance it will get… bricked.