Event recording keeps getting turned off - completely unreliable as a security camera!

Per title, I got my first Wyze cam early this month. After fiddling with it for a bit (and turning off sound detection - at any setting it’s so sensitive it’s not really useful), I decided I was happy with it so I ordered a second. Since adding the second cam to the app I’ve had nothing but trouble. Clearly the app just can’t handle multiple cams reliably. My biggest complaint is that the app keeps turning off event recording. This makes these cams completely pointless as anything other than a toy - if I can’t count on it recording events and notifying me when it detects something, it’s not useful as a security or safety device.
In addition to this, alarm detection is worthless. First off you have to enable sound event recording to get alarm detection, even tho this isn’t explained anywhere in the app, and even tho it allows you to enable alarm detection even when sound event recording is off. If this is required, shouldn’t it be clear in the app? But, even with sound event recording on (which results in a ridiculous number of event and notifications at any sensitivity setting), alarm detection is hit or miss. I just installed all new alarms throughout my house (8 in all), all smoke and CO detectors, and tested each after installing it. So there were a LOT of alarms happening. I got notified of a CO alarm once. I got notified of a smoke alarm twice. So forget relying on Wyze to let you know if something is amiss while you are away from home.
I was really excited about this cam when I first got it but now I’m just really disappointed. I will probably keep one for my garage because at least I can check it to make sure the garage door is closed, but I will probably return the second one. It’s just not good enough to merit keeping, even at the low price.

Sorry to hear you are experiencing trouble. We have 6 cameras on the same app and they work well together. I won’t say they are flawless because there are some false triggers with motion events, that is sort of the nature of the motion activation, when the wind blows, tree limbs will move, and trigger the events. The 5 minute cool down to prevent immediate triggers to the cloud constantly is also a slight flaw. I think you will find that any multiple camera based security system on the market will have similar downside to the actual application. The reason professional security has monitoring 24/7/365 on their camera systems for real time security is because it is the only way to be 100% secure. This camera, and really any security camera systems will have these similar drawbacks. Wyze is working to improve the usefulness of these cameras, and you, as a user are able to contribute through these forums. We take full advantage of the fact we can speak with other Wyze users, and with Wyze directly here. You are welcome to spend a lot more money on a full fledged security camera system, or ring, or nest, or arlo, or another multi hundred dollar system. They all perform about the same as these do. My friends all spent hundreds of dollars on these and even full 6-8-10 camera systems with DVR at the wholesale places. You don’t really gain much spending all that excess money and most of them end up having to be professionally installed adding additional costs to the already expensive purchase prices. I think if you post some definitive examples of your problems individually, other users here and even Wyze will be happy to assist you in solving them as quickly as possible.

Hope this helps,