2.21 Beta App for New Rule Engine

You all rock. I appreciate the feedback.

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I don’t think you’re in the beta program. Please maker sure you have enrolled the Beta program. If not, you can join it through Account–>About–>Beta Program. Once we release the beta version, you’ll get the latest version from Play store for Android. For iOS, you need to install the TestFlight first. For more information about the Beta Program, you can find it on the Beta Program page.

update… I was wrong. I’m still not getting notifications…
I did get one when I turned on keep app running in background, which had been somehow toggled off after the latest app update…
but today, none of my sensors are notifying when triggered…

For now, all you have to do is start the app and don’t close it. I am doing that until the fix comes out.

Easier said than done when you’re in the habit of closing all apps when you’re done with them… I’ve been doing that for years, It’s a hard habit to break…

I hope the fix comes soon…


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That’s the truth. I close it often and then realize it later in the day. It’s is a hard habit to break. :slight_smile:

Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

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Several people are having an issue with repeated rule triggers. This is happening on both the old rule engine and the new rule engine and both Android and iOS. It is happening with Wyze rules/routines and also with Alexa routines using Wyze devices. See this thread for example:

It was so bad that my wife told me that since I couldn’t fix them to only run once like they used that that I had to remove a bunch of routines so they would stop annoying her like that.

It seems mostly related to Person Detection routine Triggers in the Wyze engines somehow. Something you guys changed a few days ago around the time of this thread being posted. And as I said, it’s happening with both the new and the legacy engine.

@MyBoredMind submitted a log already for his experience with the Wyze rules: 217097 And he has screenshots in that thread you can look at.

I cant very well submit a log for the repeated Person Detection executions I experience through Alexa, but since the same thing is happening with Wyze rules, it has to be Wyze sending Alexa repeated Person Detections for the length of the entire Cam Plus event.

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We’re in the process of the notification issue.


@carverofchoice @MyBoredMind Sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll look into this issue.


Can you see the 2.21.12 now?

not as of 1543 CST 06/01/2001

note - doesn’t show the version, just the date it became available

Checked again about 2100 CST, got UPDATE!!
Now at 2.21.12!!

All old shortcuts disappeared from home page :frowning: But came back after I went to edit.


Do you mean after you edited it, all the shortcuts came back to the home page?

I wanted to pass this on to you. I was working with qsun on the notification issue, They provided me with a Wyze Push App, which is basically a version before they release it for Beta testing and review. I can confirm that the notification issue has been corrected and should be out in the next Release Candidate.


Yes. They did.

Any update on when this will be available for everyone? I still cannot use my color bulbs the way I want to because I am still on the old rule engine. I can’t set the color to what I want at a certain time.

We weren’t given an exact date, we were only told it would be a gradual roll out over the next few weeks. with that very rough time frame I would guess by the beginning of july it would be out to nearly if not all people, but that is only speculation.

It’s a gradual release. If everything goes well, the progress will be done in July.