2.21 Beta App for New Rule Engine

Got it. I’ll look into it.



I’ve created a ticket for these problems. We’ll dig deep.


@QiS thank you for working so closely with this. we all greatly appreciate your transparency and help with this. this is the type of thing that drive people to Wyze and keeps us coming back. thank you thank you thank you.

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I echo the same @Bam. This effort has been a great experience and could be used as a model for other items, apps, etc being released. It is a welcomed approach and has benefited a lot of us. Keep up the great work @QiS and Kudo’s to the Wyze Team in general.


After the latest beta app update, and firmware updates on the v2s, v3’s & pan cams, I’ve lost all my notifications on all my sensor and camera activity…

I didn’t update the firmware on my pan cams, as the first one I tried failed five times… So I gave up…
…Camera still works, but the blue indicator light is off…
So, I’m going to leave it alone for now. :wink:

Yea, I experienced that as well. I now leave the app running on my phone to get the notifications. They are looking into it.

Could you put my account on the migration list? :slightly_smiling_face: I’d love to finally combine my repetitive duplicate rules into one rule for multiple devices

Hi @rodaimi please give me your email address.

PM’ed you

Hi @CapeCodTodd when you lost your notification, did you kill your app? Android or iOS? please provide a log to me.

Hi @spamoni4 we checked the logs, and there was notification in your logs. Did you kill your app? If so, you won’t get any notification. The app should be in the background to receive the notification from cloud.

No - So here is what happens:

  1. I start the Wyze app and it gets notifications without issue. Run in background is set as I also use the watch.
  2. I shut down the app and let the background notification run. I get no notifications at all, not to my watch - which I expected. However, Alexa will announce and my iPhone will notify.
  3. I have all the usual settings for ensure notificaitons will come through and have not had the issue until the latest App was loaded.

When this first started to happen I did the following to try to resolve it:

  • Cleared Cache, force Stopped the app, and then Cleared Cache from Android. Did not fix it.
  • I was using Android 12, I reset the phone and went back to Android 11. Loaded the app and tested again, did not work.

@carverofchoice is also experiencing this issue. You only get the notifications when the app is physically open and running.

To get that version to load, I had to remove the existing app and then load the new one from the App store. I did this because it was not showing up as available.

So bottom line is on, Android only, No notifications are being provided unless the app is physically running.

Make Sense?

Here is the image which shows it is running in background…


@QiS I went back in to Google uninstalled, reinstalled, still comes up with v2,20.21,

Hi @CapeCodTodd , do you have a SD card in the device which the blue indicator light is off? If so, could you get the log in the sd card, which has a file name as upgrade.log for me to do more analysis please?

If will be also helpful if you could send me other log files in the SD card. (Files in the SD card main directory are usually log files)

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I tried again to update it today… And the update was successfull… the blue indicator light is still off, (It’s on in settings for the camera, however), and the camera is working…

there is no SD card in that camera…

Could you submit a log with that device so we can take a look why the blue LED is off?

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I did not kill or force close the app…

however, just now, I went into the app settings, to clear the app cache, and noticed The toggle for " leave running in background" was off (it had been on, but it must have been somehow switched off after the last update)

turned it back on, and notifications seem to be working fine again…

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Done… #216891

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Hi @spamoni4 we found the problem while it seems a little harder than we thought to solve it. We’ll fix it as soon as possible.