2.21 Beta App, Wyze Cam Outdoor & Base Station Firmware Beta Test 5/26/2021

Ok - sorry about that. this is good to know. Is it possible that there is a Beta Firmware update for the 44 which is required to enable this feature?

looks like the latest Beta FW for the 44 is 0.3.75. Are you at this FW Version?

I’m at 0.3.90 which i think is the latest beta firmware for the 44

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LOL – Must have caught the wrong FW update. They are releasing Updates quickly, so I guess it isn’t that.

I’ve noticed since yesterday (05/26) that I’m not receiving notifications from any of my cameras either. I keep my app running in the background all the time. Also, I have not installed the new version on my Android tablet and it is receiving notifications.

I have the App Running in Background as well. But still did not get notifications. I actually had to start the app and then just let it run to get notifications. you can use other apps or go to the main home screen, but just don’t close the app.

Ive gotten two notifications on android in the last hour (one sound, one HMS set to armed)

So something is starting to work :slight_smile:


How about fixing a very significant shortcoming in the WYZE outdoor camera. I have two friends that I introduced to WYZE. Both of them and I are not receiving notifications for events. My 2 OCs were replaced by jWYZE. Then, WYZE replaced the base station. One of my friends is receiving an OC replacement from WYZE. My other friend has thrown her hands up in the air and is giving up. As soon as I can get to her home, I will try to help her. I have my doubts. PLEASE, this issue has been under discussion by many WYZE users. IT NEEDS TO BE FIXED NOW! Stop going into so many other product lines and get your meat-and-potato product to function properly.

Since my last post there have been no further non HMS related notifications. Ive received all but two HMS notifications that I should have (both arm - away)

Pixel 5
App has always been closed.
Log 217630

Seems no consistency, so not really sure whats causing it :frowning:

Another community member indicated that they get the HMS notifications but no other notifications from Camera’s, Rules, etc.


I am able to get HMS Armed/disarmed notification but no Camera or sensor notifications (even with cam plus) as long as the Wyze app is closed.

That is very interesting. One would think it would be an ALL or nothing situation. Either the notifications all work or none of them work. It is strange that it will still notify about HMS arming status, but nothing else. So the HMS notifications must somehow be set up differently than all other notifications which are all failing to work unless I leave the Wyze App open.

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Magically my notifications for my Wyze Outdoor began working again. Not sure what changed but at least they are working again
UPDATE - My 4 V3 cams on Cam Plus plans are the ones not sending notifications. The camera that is shared with me is not on Cam Plus - it is the one sending the notifications I’m receiving.

No notifications from my four V3 cams all on Cam Plus but am receiving notifications from a Wyze cam that is shared with me NOT on Cam Plus. Using app on Android S21+ .

Thanks for the info, the more information obtained the faster it will get resolved. I did receive a notice indicating that one of my logs helped locate the problem. Below is what I got. Might help if you send a log as well and then notify qsun of it. The was about the notification and not the New Rules Engine.

all but one HMS notification today (a disarm this time) and I didn’t think to check previously, but alerts when someone presses the doorbell are coming through. (motion/person alerts from the doorbell are not)


I am experiencing the same. I get most HMS notifications, and when someone presses the doorbell button, but pretty much no other notifications unless my Wyze app is loaded on the phone.


Same here. No indication of sorting apps on Watch 44

I just tested a Wyze Provided Push App to see if the notifications are fixed. It appears the notification issue has been fixed and hopefully will be out in the next release.


Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the fix!


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