2.21 Beta App for New Rule Engine

Hi, guys,
We just released our 2.21 Beta app which integrated the New Rule Engine. In 2.21 Beta, we solved almost all your issues that occurred in 2.20+ beta.

Please download and install the latest version to try our new Rule Engine.

  • iOS: 2.21.21 (3)
  • Android: 2.21.12

The new Rule Engine is a gradual release. You may be on the migration list or not. If you see the new design with the day abbreviations in circles instead of written out, you’re using the new Rule Engine! No matter whether you use the new rule engine or not, all the functions of the rule should be normal.

If you run into any issues, please comment on this topic. We’re hearing your voice and will fix it as soon as possible.


How can we tell if we are using the new rule engine? I thought I read that the days of the week would be circles instead of the checkboxes?

Hi @Earl.Automation I edited the topic from which you can know whether you’re using the New Rule Engine.

@QiS this is awesome. The rules engine has been working well. However, wanted to pass this on to you as I have not heard back from @Yichen . I wanted to make sure the Rules effort does not get caught up in the notification issue 2.21 has created for Android Users.

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How do we know if we are on the list for the upgraded rule engine? I’ve been running a version of the app for a bit but haven’t seen the rule engine upgrade. Running v2.21.21 currently, just updated.

You will know if you are on the new Rules Engine if you see the days of the week as shown in the image below


Wasn’t the question…apparently not everyone on the beta is in the queue for the rules update so wanted to know how one can determine if you are on the list. Barring that, what is the time frame expected for the rule engine update?

My Bad, misread what you are asking. This is somethign @QiS will need to answer.

Sorry about that.

No problem. Just trying to figure out what’s going on.

In another Thread this is what was stated:

Not sure what the official version would be. I’m running beta on my IOS devices.

The response was for this post which applies to me as well…

Yea, saw that and what I provided was the response. They aren’t providing an actual date yet. Probably because it is a big lift to get everyone migrated and the final app released. The latest app release has caused issue for myself and other Android users related to notifications - they do not happen unless you leave the app running. So I would say that they are not ready yet.
I am hoping it will be soon though.

Still stuck on v2.20.21 :frowning:

I loaded the new version, uninstalled the current version rebooted than went to the play store and it was there and loaded. But on Android, it is problematic. No Alerts for myself and others. I have to leave the app running to get Alerts.

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Can you update to 2.21 beta?

do you know if they fixed or are fixing the Android Notification issue introduced with the 2.21 version? The Rules are working great for me, just not getting notifications. I know @carverofchoice is also having the issue,

Hi @spamoni4 what do you mean by “No Alerts for myself and others.”? What alert?

We’ll release the official when all the must-fix bugs are done. Please be patient, we won’t want you to use a half baked version.

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No Notifications at all on Android devices with the 2.21 release. I have to leave the app running to get the notifications. If you close the app, you get nothing. I have a notification if a door is open, I can open it and Alexa notifies and the lights come on but no notification on the phone. If I start the app and do the same, I will be notified.

In addition, when the app is running and the phone goes to sleep not on a charger, it is experiencing the Doze Issue again. May be caught up with the current problem.

I tagged you in post 4 of this thread with a link to the reproted problem and including my submitted log number: 215435