Gutted by New Rule Engine?

A long-stable Rule was ‘gutted’ last night. It still exists in my list of rules but it is inoperable. I can open the rule to edit but all details are gone. I cannot ‘rebuild’ the rule by resupplying details, eg the trigger device/event.

Why not just delete it and write another?

The old Rule engine has a bug where a deleted rule disappears from the list of rules but continues to operate and you can’t disable it because it isn’t in the list. This means any device that was used as a trigger for that rule or as a consequence of that rule becomes dedicated to that ghost rule.

Because of the foregoing, I hesitate to ‘delete’ rules for fear of creating a haunted house.

Is the slow rollout of the new Rule engine at fault?

Maybe. It would be nice to know.

Possibly related:

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I’d like to do a great reset and build back better.

Tabula rasa re rules:

Click here to ERASE ALL RULES associated with this account.
WARNING: This action is not reversible. Use only if you want a truly ‘fresh start.’

Is that possible with the new Rule engine? I was told ‘no’ with the old. :man_shrugging:

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Hi @peepeep sorry for the inconvenience.
Could you provide your rule name and submit a log? We’ll look into it.


Log ID: 261831 (rule name included with submission.)

Thanks @QiS

Thank you, we’ll look at it.

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@QiS I have also experienced the ghost rule issue quite a bit. Mine were related to the color bulbs mainly. I brought this up during a meeting with Mike the bulb PM. I’ve been tagging him as the agent and logs I’ve been sending in. I just looked and I don’t have those logs numbers anymore but hopefully they got to him if that might help you with this :slight_smile:


Hi @Bam Mike talked to me last time while I need more information,
1 ghost rule name, 2 device name 3 when this issue happened. 4 submit a log.
Thank you.


Is there any way to help if I don’t have all that information? I believe I deleted the original rule I don’t remember what it was called.

For instance in the mornings I have a couple of bulbs that are on a very low percentage white color. I have no rules that currently would allow that. That rule was gone long ago but I think it cropped up after I was migrated to the new engine and I’ve been trying to hunt down the source of the issue since.

Upon going into the app, even though the lights are on, the app shows them as being off so the app isn’t even registering that the lights are on it’s truly a ghost rule :slight_smile:

All the other stuff I will definitely do each and every time it happens that way you have an overload of the same thing and you know its there.

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Hi @Bam it’s better to provide this information, which will help our devs to locate the problem. Even though you deleted the rule, I think you can submit a log.


Oh I’ll definitely submit the log. I’ll give you every bit of information I can. Thank you yet again for your constant interaction trying to conquer issues like this. I know I speak on behalf of the @Mavens and @Mods having employees jump in here when they can is a huge help to the community let alone being as helpful and inquisitive as You are with things!


I have one ghost rule that has forever joined a V2 Cam and a Plug on person detection overnight. It has operated stably for 9 mos doing something I need done and I haven’t had any need to edit or disable it so I’ve just lived with this relatively ‘friendly’ ghost.

Passed on to @QiS the rule name (which appears on execution in Rules History.)

Also… I didn’t know this existed:

Account > Wyze Support > Log History

The number of the log I sent to support last November when inquiring about this is still there. 63484.

Also… I added a new rule to replace the ‘gutted’ one and named it similarly. It’s working.

I’ll leave the inoperative one in the list for now. Seems inert and why risk creating another ghost? :slight_smile:

Does anyone know if this is a naive request, ie, a probable ‘maybe later’ if wishlisted? If so, it would be interesting to hear why. :slight_smile:

Hi @peepeep you can only delete your rules one by one. Currently, we don’t have this feature.

Kind of a bureaucratic non-answer. Ok, I accept. :wink:

Thanks! I’ll let you know if my ghost no longer fires tonight. :raised_hands:

Great. We did batch processing yesterday night.


No evidence of the ghost in Rules History last night. Indications are good! :grin:

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Found another ‘gutted’ one. FWIW, they were both self-referential:

If Bulb X has been on 2 min
Shut off Bulb X


I do this with a Wyze Plug. It is used for a Garage Door - a Relay is attached to it. When I turn the plug on, the relay is powered and garage door opens, a second or so later the plug goes off. Been working fine. I was presented with the same box in the past and simply selected Proceed.


Hey spamoni, yeah, I have several of these and they’ve been working reliably for months. I’ve proceeded past the warning popup, too. :upside_down_face:

Just included it as a clarification of ‘self-referential’ - something both ‘gutted’ rules have in common… :slight_smile:


Hi @peepeep we look into your rule, it seems there is no loss of information. Could you provide this rule name?

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