Wyze Rules have disappeared

I just noticed my Rules have disappeared off the top of the Android home page. Also, when I open a camera, tap settings, then Rules, my rules have disappeared.

That’s typically an indication that the app didn’t completely sync with the Wyze servers at startup. That’s where those are stored. The usual fix is to quit & rerun the app again. If it still doesn’t work, wait a few and try again. Sometimes there are server outages, but it is rare.

I just loaded my app, and the shortcuts appeared. So try quitting & rerunning the app again.


The app DID sync to the server … there are no rules in the reply message from the server (based on reviewing the log). Maybe Wyze just lost them!

Can you show some screen snaps of this log? Also, you did quit & rerun the app, right?


Today, my Rules showed up again in the Android App. For 2 days, they had disappeared and the Rules History now has been purged of any info before July 23rd. It looks like Wyze has done something … perhaps they migrated my Rules from v1 to v2!