Rules Disappeared

All my Device Triggered Rules disappeared over night. No obvious reason at my home for them to do so. All of my scheduled rules remained.

Do you use shortcuts, and are they still visible above the Home tab page?

If you reload the app, do you see an error message as the Home tab populates?

Did reloading the app correct your problem?

No, I did not have shortcuts for the lost rules.
No error messages after reloading app.
And no, I had to recreate all of my rules😩

That wasn’t what I was after. I was interested in whether you had any Shortcuts, and whether they also disappeared when you saw the Rules disappear.

There is a possible problem that has occurred on occasion where you load the app and you get an error -1001 (I think). That means trouble communicating with the servers, after which you may find at least the Shortcuts didn’t load.

When this happens quite often you just reload the app, and they load. In any case, nothing disappears from the servers – just your visibility to it.

So if you ever see this again, try reloading the app, watching for that error -1001 code when the Home tab is populated. If you see that, there may be a server issue Wyze needs to know about.

I will look for that error if I ever loose my rules again, thank you. FYI not all of my rules disappeared, only the one the “triggered” rules such as with motion or open/closed detection. None of my Scheduled Rules disappeared and yes my shortcuts were still there.