Wyze V2 Cam - Playback from SD Card: Camera info is null

When I try to view events from the SD card using the “Playback” option I get the message “The Camera info is null” and nothing happens. This only happens with the V2 cameras and not the V3.


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I have a bunch of V2 cameras with 64GB µSD cards set to continuous recording. I have never seen that one. If you look at the “Manage SD Card” page, does it show that the card is there and the usage numbers change over time?

When I go to manage SD card I connection error message and shows the card is empty. I know for sure it’s not empty.

Format the card (from the app). I wonder if it got corrupted.

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All my V2 cams are doing the same.

I hate the new app layout. Prefer the old interface.

The v2 cameras don’t use the new UI. I also am not a fan of the new camera UI.

My experience with sdcards in the cam when it’s 0/0 in manage sdcard, the card is corrupt. You want be able to format it. You may have an outside chance on your computer but not likely. You may be able to view the files but not format, you will get a message that the card is write protected.