Wyze Updates - Released 12/19/2023

Wyze app 2.48 is coming with Wyze Home Monitoring support on Wyze Video Doorbell v2, Flash Light with Siren support on Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro, and more!

Wyze Web Portal 2.4.0 has added scrubbing ability and optimizations! :computer:

Read our Release Notes: :notebook:


Just installed the latest app on Android. Version: 2.48.0 (379).

Installation went fine.


Mine installed just fine too, but I think I am going to roll back to the previous version. This new one introduced huge blank spots in the interface and large fonts. Plus it says “person detected” each time there is an event. Which pushes the wasted space even further.

Also, for some reason there is a gray overlay to the video for a bit before it goes to full brightness now. I guess to maybe prepare me for the live feed or something? So there is a bit of a delay added each time you want to view a live feed.

So what I can tell, this new version introduces extra wasted time before you get your feed at full brightness, extra wasted space in the interface and huge fluffy fonts and duplicate info. I learned my lesson on the last camera firmware update, I don’t do those anymore. So I guess I need to just stop updated the application as well? Which sucks, the hardware seems to be great here, the software team just needs a little work.


I love that the web portal is now getting release notes!!!


where are you seeing this?

  • Added support for Flash Light with Siren in Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro Settings

I’m not seeing this. Anyone have an idea where it’s hiding?

Wow thanks Wyze. I had a problem since October with your application and I cannot access the videos on the SD card from your application on Iphone. The “SD Card” button on the application is frozen… I have written to you almost 10 times to try to resolve this problem and you still have not done it after 2 updates of the application. Your app didn’t fix anything and your customer service is very bad, I’m discouraged. Please compensate me because I’m thinking of selling all my wyze equipment.

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Gabriel, This forum is primarily a user to user to community and the Moderators and Mavens here are volunteer fellow users. That said, you’ve had all these unhelpful interactions with Wyze Support. If you can provide the Support Ticket number from these interactions, we may be able to get this escalated for you.


Wyze Ticket 3520384

Envoyé de mon iPhone


The update was pushed to me this morning. It installed without a problem. I immediately noticed an improvement in live streaming. The throughput is now peaking at 145 KB/s. Prior to the update I would see mid-130’s tops.

Just thought I would share my observation. What kind of throughput do you typically see?

I’ve had some iPhone users tell me that uninstalling the app and reinstalling it has resolved a few bugs related to UI buttons not working.

I would try clearing the cache and uninstalling and reinstalled the app then restarting the phone if you haven’t tried that yet.

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I see the same issue under both iOS and Android. This is a long-standing issue that remains to be resolved. I’ll post some details, screenshots and new log numbers to help expedite resolution in a few hours. Will also post in the latest Fix-it-Friday, as Wyze is looking for user input to this issue:

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Existing discussion on this issue:

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I noticed it mostly in the event section. It just bugs me when there is all this wasted screen real estate on an interface. I don’t mind there being an option for larger text but I can see fine, I don’t need giant fluffy fonts, icons, duplicate info and empty space. It just makes the whole experience feel a little more cartoonish.

It’s not a big deal, I just removed it and went back to the older version that had a more normal look.

Android app pluses:

  1. The authentication three-step while in camera groups seems improved. Brisker.

  2. This seems improved:

Now an additional immediate tab advances it if it fails the first time.

  1. Speaker toggle overlaid on each cam in group view.


  1. Something seems changed in the ‘three-step.’ Maybe it’s just the way the messaging is displayed - maybe more. On further use, I’d say the performance is ‘not worse’ (variable for me, as it has been.)

  2. The bad behavior still exists - the quick double-tab doesn’t always work for me.

And Spanish language in Events tab, not even fixed yet. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :-1: :-1:
Been going on for more than 6 months.
Even did a new install on a new phone and still same issue.
Seems like you do not care very much about customers that use the french interface on their Android phone.

Went from 2.47.0 to 2.48.0 and most cameras threw code 27, had to refresh several times before the cameras would behave and load in group view.

Once I got them working after App update they seem okay for now, will post update if I got Wyzed and they stop working again.

With Wyze you never know if an update is bad as their testing sucks and they’ll release it with bugs…

EDIT: WYZE SUCKS! V2.48.0 doesn’t load group view as well as 2.47.0 did, guess I will have to roll back to 2.47.0

Wyze programmer’s Suck

EDIT 2: Wyze is Craptacular

Well Wyze your Application v2.48.0 (379) Sucks as does your Alpha and Beta Testing.

Rolled back to v2.47.0 (373) and ALL the issues I encountered with v2.48.0 are GONE :rage:

Edit: APKPURE has the older versions of Wyze Apps for those wishing to roll back defective application versions

Other info, All cameras had the power cycled to see if that helped… Didn’t make a difference.

All cameras have current firmware

My broadband is through a cellular router on AT&T FirstNet with the average speed 10 Mbs up and down

Affected V3, V3 pan, V2, and V1 pan

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Wyze App v2.48.0 is totally garbage and should be pulled. v2.47.0 should be the latest release.

But hey leave it up so others will have issues too, especially a new customer :rofl: that downloads the current version and thinks Wyze sucks…

Where are the Wyze Apologists for yet another craptacular software release??