Camera pan v3 cannot view recordings in SD card

The SD card icon in the Wyze application on my iphone is now disabled and cannot click on it to view recordings or pictures on the SD card. This used to work and stopped working all of a sudden. I have tried replacing with other SD cards 16Gb, 32 Gb, 64Gb, but same issue. Does not seem to be a card issue. Have also tried restarting the camera, reinserting the cards, etc, but no luck. I now have two new Wyze pan v3 cameras with exactly the same issue.

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I don’t use my iPhone on Wyze very much, but just tried with both my V3 Pan cameras. SD card playback working fine. Confirmed both on playing back from an event and also from the camera main screen. Works on Android as well, but you did tag iPhone…

Camera firmware version
App version 2.47.0 (1)
iPhone 13 with iOS 17.1
Both cameras have 64GB uSD cards set to continuous recording.

I also have the same problem, the SD card button doesn’t work and doesn’t show the recording continues. This happened after installing the latest updates.
I have two pan v3 cameras with 128gb sd cards from sandisk extreme and samsung evo pro plus

wyze app version: 2.46.1(4)
iPhone 12: iOS 17.1

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What does the “Manage MicroSD Card” show?

I have the same issues. Only my 2 Pan Cam V3 have this problem. All other Cam V3 works fine. I did the same troubleshooting but nothing changed

In addition, when I try to format the sd card, it shows that my sd card door is open and nothing happen after… no re formatting starts !

It looks normal there. It says 33.44/59.45G like it is recording stuff in there. I even have the option to format the card which I have done a couple of times with no issue. But I still cannot view the recordings when I click the card button, nothing happens when I click on the SD card button. I also suspect this started happening after installing updates about 3 weeks ago.

This problem is occurring on my iPhone 12 cell phone, I did a test by logging into my account on an Android cell phone and the recording continues to work perfectly. On the iOS system, the SD button does not work. Wyze needs to resolve this urgently!!

Iphone 12, ios 17.1.1
App wyze 2.47.0(6)
Wyze firmware
Cam pan v3

I have the same problem with 2 new V3 Cam Pans & a new V3 Wyze Cam. They show up on the Wyze account and it says “This device does not support this service at
this moment.” I have tried entering them on my Wyze Lite plan. I have other cameras of the newer versions that are on my Lite Plan. These 3 seem to be held in a limbo state. So the button that would access my SD card for my recordings is dimmed & I cant use it.

Has there been any updates from Wyze on this issue. Having the same problems on my cam pan v3’s. They both used to work fine. All other Wyze cameras work as they should and are all older models.

Same issue camera pan v3 not recording. I thought my sd card broken. I try on Wyze camera og and sd card is recording just fine no issue. Something wrong with camera pan v3 recording

I am having the same problem. I never bought a product that I have to work really hard to make it work.

Me too…

My SD Card do not work on my two Cam Pan v3 since the app updade The cam detect the SD Card, but the icon “SD CARD” in the app is not clickable and doesn’t show me the enregistred video.

I’m discouraged from Wyze because I’ve been informing them of the problem for several weeks and they haven’t done anything.

I’ve just noticed that two of my five cameras is showing “SD card not available”. I have dosey doed the cards around a bit and one of the two cameras start working again. I’ve decided to go ahead and order two new SD cards and see what happens.

Wow thanks Wyze. I had a problem since October with your application and I cannot access the videos on the SD card from your application on Iphone. The “SD Card” button on the application is frozen… I have written to you almost 10 times to try to resolve this problem and you still have not done it after 2 updates of the application. Your app didn’t fix anything and your customer service is very bad, I’m discouraged. Please compensate me because I’m thinking of selling all my wyze equipment.

I have the same problem on my cam pan V3 and I have many others V3 but no problem

Update I change language to English and all work

I’m still having the same issue. Spent lots of time with Wyze support but nothing concrete have been acomplished! They told me that they have engineers working on it and they will fix with the new firmware but again nothing fixed. I did try to change language from French to English but I did not find how to do this ? Thanks

Hi I have problem yet with language change

Just to let you know that starting today January 28th Wyze finally fix the issue. It was a very long delay but it works ok now

for my its work only when I go to camera screen on SD Button , I can’t go to sd card on event menu