Wyze Smoke/CO Detector

Would love to see Wyze add a smoke/carbon monoxide detector. There are not that many good options in the market. Nest Protects are good but very expensive.

I registered for the forums specifically to make this request. A wyze detector would be awesome!


Yes!! the other ones on the market is to expensive and useless.


I agree they are expensive but I am hoping they arent useless


I agree that Wyze could easily create reasonably priced smoke detectors (wired and wireless) . I also think that Wyze would make a better smoke detector because Nest smoke detectors do not support interconnection, where the other smoke detectors will sound the alarm when one goes off. This is required by most standard smoke detectors. (btw, the current standard wireless smoke detectors are not great because they don’t support interconnection well).


I would be nice if Wyze could do this!!


I hope Wyze does consider this soon!!


I too would like to see a “smart” smoke detector that integrates with my Wyze network.

I have 6 old style smoke detectors in my house and they always decide to chirp in the middle of the night to let me know they need a new battery, cleaning or just replaced.

I’d like a set of detectors that can be managed from an app that lets me know which one needs service or has been triggered. A temperature sensor that could be viewed from the app would be nice too.


Hey Wyze. Love the camera, bulbs and sockets.

Thought about doing Smoke Alarms? Just spent $120 on a Nest Smoke Alarm…

But you guys are the stuff I love…



And maybe even Wyze smoke/CO2 detectors with speakers that could be used as a music device throughout the house, intercom system and possibly a siren for Wyze Sense.


I can tell you that won’t happen based on safety concerns. Apparently safety regulator people think it’s a bad idea for a smoke detector speaker to have a dual function. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I get it, kind of, but meh. But yeah, that’s why none of them do that.

But as for Wyze building a smart smoke alarm – is that even necessary? Wyze and Alexa both can already detect dumb smoke alarm sounds and notify your phone. What does a smart smoke alarm add to that?

A combo smoke detector speaker already exists from other companies.

Alexa Enabled Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm with Premium Home Speaker | Onelink Safe & Sound by First Alert https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077Y6CL7M/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_okqUDbM0SPEJV

Oh. Strange. I had read somewhere that there were regulatory issues with such a product, but maybe that’s not right.

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I would love to have a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector that I could monitor through my Wyze app and get alerted if theres detection.


Wyze can already alert you if it hears your existing smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector. :slight_smile:

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@nerdland is correct. :

Smart Sound Recognition

Smart Sound Recognition uses an advanced algorithm that recognizes the unique sound patterns of smoke alarms and CO monitors. With Smart Sound Recognitions turned on, it will generate a 12-second Event Video and send a push notification to your phone so that you can act quickly.

Smart Sound Recognition settings are found in Home tab > Selected Device > Settings icon SettingsGear__1_.png(top right) > and under Alarm Settings .

Here you can set the Smoke alarm sound and/or CO alarm sound on/off.


I have six smoke detectors in my house. I’d like smart ones that would let me know what room was alerting and why.

Is it beeping because the battery needs replaced?

Or because it needs cleaning?

Or a real emergency alert?

A nice feature would be a sensor to let me know the temperature of the room.


Eric Friesen


Nice. Smart smoke detectors definitely have their place. Just letting you know that Wyze can alert you if your “dumb” smoke detector goes off, that’s all. :slight_smile: It’s not #1 on my personal wishlist, but I agree it would be a nice product to see.

This would be a nice device but Wyze probably won’t do it because their cameras have a sound detector in them.

There is a differences between hearing the smoke alarm and reacting to actual smoke. There’s a number of logic you can apply towards detecting smoke like how much smoke, how long, etc. it should notify the authorities when the smoke reaches a certain level. if the only option you have is to hear a smoke detector, I think it’s quite limiting to helping homeowners deal with smoke via a smart smoke/CO detector . furthermore, i think Wyze is capable of creating a one of a kind smart device.