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Peace, @atulmnkumar :slight_smile:

I’ll man up and admit I made the same mistake and I am now trying to figure out what to do after paying for 1 year of the monitoring service, hub, keypad, sensors, and Cam OG. I should have researched this more carefully, but I do think it is easy to make the leap that a camera that can be added as part of my home monitoring system, and that has intelligent sound monitoring, would work together. Other DIY alarm systems that do not have their own smoke and CO sensors use the same approach, that is, they listen for the aural tone of the home’s CO and smoke detectors and will trigger the alarm and alert the monitoring service.

I am sure there are others who have made the same assumption that the camera and monitoring system would interface.

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oh yah… its like you have to prove the negative here…

Anyway, I am returning it… and all the wyze advocates here - hold on to your seats

I ordered it on Aug 11, it was delivered on Aug 15… but today, when I finally got around to return, it tells me that these items are no longer eligible for a return. What gives. Let me see what wyze support does…

and the locks can not be managed remotely unless your app is connected to the same network. What’s the point.

Wyze Return Policy

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[mod edit} Just return the products, get your money, and go about your life.

Awesome man. You impressed me once again… way to go!

I am trying to pal… are you paid by Wyze?

You should have a blog and I hope wyze is taking care of you :slight_smile:

you must understand that its not that simple… just return the product, get your money and go about your life…

you may be just doing that but some of us invest and it impacts us when things don’t work out… our time is valuable… it may be a game for you but not for others.

Be careful before you question intent of consumers.

Not acceptable even if you are fan or employee or a troll of wyze

I’m really not sure why you are lashing out at other users who are presenting you with the information you are requesting.

I suggested to you 15 days ago that you should return the product.

You questioned in your post why it was telling you that it is no longer eligible for return. You waited until the day after the 30 day return period expired to attempt a return. The responsibility and accountability for that decision isn’t on Wyze or any other user here.

Sorry - not lashing out at any “users”

I am just amazed at the length you go to ro produce documentation and proof. it must take a lot of time and desire to prove your point! Just think about it - who does it.

it takes a lot of time to purchase something and then set it up to simply return it and move on with our lives, It isn’t a game for many of us.

So, if someone tells me well if something does not work just return it and not complain about it, they are trying to influence something and they have a purpose to protect the company selling the product. Legally companies can not do that but they could send trolls to these user forums?

And I requested you before, I welcome any feedback that help solve my problem… but please do not have to do a bunch of research and produce a ton of documentation to prove me wrong. :laughing:

About the only thing you’ve left out is asking to speak to the manager…

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I agree, especially when someone takes the time to actually create a calendar view to show how I missed by one day and it is my fault only… truly admired :rofl:

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‘Don’t let this be you!’

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‘Obtuse much?’


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kudos to you really - amazing sharpness and loyalty :rofl: Not to mention time and willingness to just do public good… My hats off you and your pals

I have a question I have a wise can be too but none of the Hub or any of the other applications you’re talking about are the wise cams integrated into the Hub if so why is the alarm / Co sound detection not an option directly on the Hub forgive me if I’m misunderstanding how the other apps work I’m just curious.

Wyze Cams have the ability to listen for the distinct signature sound of a Smoke Detector or a Carbon Monoxide Detector. This is a feature that is available on the cam out of the box and is not limited by subscription or any other equipment.

To use this, enter the Cam Settings :gear:, Alarm Settings. There you will find the toggles for Smoke Alarm Sound and CO Alarm Sound. When activated, it will upload a 12s video from the cam and send a Push Notification to the phone. Notifications for the cam, the app, and the phone must be enabled.

The Cam’s programmed ability to do this is not limited or restricted by the HMS Hub’s ability to do the same. The feature on the HMS Hub is somewhat of a redundant alert for those who subscribe to the HMS. It uses the Cam’s resident ability to listen for the distinct sound of a Smoke\CO alarm to do this.

It does require an HMS subscription as the settings for the feature are found within the Monitoring Tab>Home Monitoring Settings>Security Cameras. This menu cannot be accessed without a subscription.

The HMS Smoke\CO Alert Notification cannot trigger a monitored Alarm Response. It will not alert Noonlight and no Fire\Police will be notified.

For the HMS to use its Smoke\CO Alarm feature, the cam must be added to as one of the 5 Security Cams within the HMS. Opening the cam from within the Security Cam menu reveals the toggles to turn this on.

The Push Notification Alert sent by the HMS is a different Threat Alert notification than the Push Notification Alert sent by the Cam. With both enabled, you should theoretically get two push notifications if the settings are enabled for both.

Wyze does not sell any standalone Smoke\CO detector\sensor or one that will pair with the Sense Hub. It has been requested by users many times in the Wishlist.

I do believe you rapped up every thing in very simple way. I don’t even use any of those but just wyze cam and I completely got what and why the apps do. Think the confusion should be over lol. Thanks.

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