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The following information led me to believe that Wyze supports Fire Alarm/monitoring so I purchased their system including the climate monitors… However, now they tell me that they don’t support it… and are citing all sorts of articles???

Bad… I will be returning this crap!

  1. See this - https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us/articles/360031134712-How-does-the-Smoke-Alarm-and-CO-alarm-work-

The Wyze Cam’s sound detection algorithm is programmed to detect the pattern of standard smoke and carbon monoxide alarm signals. For smoke alarms, the Wyze Cam listens for the Temporal-Three (T3) alarm signal, which produces 3 long beeps followed by a pause.Aug 10, 2022

  1. I also found an attached sample certificate confirming the coverage

Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @atulmnkumar! :raising_hand_man:

The Wyze HMS has never offered Fire, Smoke, CO monitoring nor have I ever seen documentation stating they do. There is also no indication that the Wyze Climate Sensors play any role in this functionality.

Note that the page that you hyperlinked is for the Cam V1, V2 and Pan Cam. Not for Home Monitoring, the HMS, or the Wyze Sense System.

It also clearly states that the Smoke and CO function is a Cam Feature that listens for the signature sound of a detector and “The Smart Sound Recognition setting on the Wyze Cam is used to generate notifications and event videos.” It does not claim that it will trigger a HMS Monitoring Alarm Response.

Please post that attached sample certificate and the URL where it was found.


The certificate was found on the internet using a search which led me to believe that we will have a fire/smoke monitoring coverage along with the other information published. If I was looking to get a negative confirmation of Wyze home monitoring not providing this, I would have looked for all the other links… but I was looking for a positive confirmation and was tricked into purchasing this bundle…

one could really get lost in the sea of conflicting info and most of the things I found before checking on this forum were dated so when I saw those positive signs, I believed these as these sounded logical and related (why were these even explained? we don’t need to understand the theory and what may be done if its not done via your products) and thought the old issues were fixed.

It clearly states under the “Sample” certificate that “Wyze Home Monitoring does not detect Smoke\Fire & CO”.

You weren’t “tricked”. You read only the parts you wanted to, ignored the parts that clearly stated it didn’t monitor for Smoke & CO, made your own assumptions, drew your own independant conclusion from the limited data you gathered, and made your own decision based on that. Holding Wyze accountable for your own decision is just wrong.

If it doesn’t fit your needs, send it back. But take responsibility for your own decisions.


It does not state that under the certificate. Your advertisement is misleading. One has to work on proving that wyze system does not work… or they are misled

where does it show under home monitoring page that wyze does not support fire monitoring? And what is the purpose of climate sensors? especially when you connect w the description of how fire/smoke sensors work…

Do you expect a consumer to hire an independent consultant or an expert to investigate? Some of us don’t have that kind of time to waste. I had my employee research that as well and concluded that in the absence of clear message on home monitoring and given the security certificate I downloaded, it should work… Now you may come with some fine print or a hidden message to show “wyze clearly states that”. No it does not or we would not be having this conversation.

The least you guys could have done is to admit the mistake and fixed it!

It does state that under the certificate and I provided both a link to that page and a screenshot proving it above.

Show me where it states that it does. You made that assumption without any confirmation.

The climate sensors monitor Temperature and Humidity.

Wyze Sense Climate Sensor | Track Temperature & Humidity | Wyze,

There is no such thing as a fire\smoke sensor. Wyze does not make nor sell one. Again, the page you linked where you read this is a feature of Wyze Cams, NOT a feature of the HMS, the Wyze Sense Hub, or any Sensor that Wyze sells. You made a connection based on reading the wrong page and assuming what you wanted. Not what it was telling you.

I expect consumers, like me, to do their due diligence and research the products they buy to insure they will meet their functional needs. When I bought my HMS, I researched no less than 6 different DIY Security Systems to choose the one that would meet my requirements. I chose Wyze. It was the first Wyze device I ever bought. Expecting those companies to be accountable for my own education is unreasonable at best.

Perhaps you need to question why your employee didn’t see it when it is in black and white in clear print. Follow the link. You will see it. Even if they did miss that, there is nowhere in any Wyze page anywhere stating they do provide this. Because they don’t say that they do provide it, does that warrant the assumption that they do? No. It clearly states they don’t.

Who is “you guys”? We are all Wyze customers here. Consumers who bought and use their products. This is a User to User forum of Wyze customers. I am a Wyze Customer as are all the community volunteers.

There is no mistake. Follow this link. Look under the certificate in the exact area I marked.

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outstanding efforts. Congratulations. I give up

Wyze inc. should thank you for defending them and standing against a customer who feels duped… :rofl:

What would be Wyze’s motivation to dupe a customer with respect to the supported features of its most costly product/service?

I think their margins, even on this product, are slim, so it’s unlikely they’re trying to stick people with something they don’t want to make a quick profit on hardware.

They want recurring revenue, ie, they want customers to subscribe to their services and buy as much additional Wyze IoT product as possible.

Feeling duped and being duped can be two different things, no?

Customers do have a responsibility to vet a complex product before committing to it. Even then, if dissatisfied, Wyze allows returns within 30 days, I think.

All these products are complex. If anything, Wyze should put a disclaimer on all their products to disclose this fact. That they probably won’t do (few if any would, or do, to my knowledge.) There is deception inherent in marketing as a whole. I don’t know anyone who’s happy with that.


I’m just calling it as I see it. Sometimes reality sucks if you choose to look at it objectively. And, I have in no way defended Wyze in any of my replies. All I have done is presented clear evidence contrary to your claims. In fact, I am openly critical of Wyze when it is warranted. Here, it is not.

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well actually if you guys are not officially representing wyze, I don’t need to argue with you. Peace!

And I do appreciate all the knowledge dissemination.

I am also sure there is just about enough justifications for locks not being accessible unless on-site, Cams not connecting with the wifi, and various devices losing connections intermittently… and on and on…

yes, we should be reasonable in our expectations and take their low margins into account… speaking of why wyze will do at a low margin - There is something called capturing the market share at low or no profit (think about amazon a few years ago)

and after all, its the consumer who needs to protect themselves… just like a criminal is going to commit the crime, its the responsibility of the victim as they should have been careful.


anyway, peace guys… since you don’t officially represent wyze - I don’t need to spend anymore time here :slight_smile:

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Seasoned User: It’s good enough.

Peace, @atulmnkumar :slight_smile:

I’ll man up and admit I made the same mistake and I am now trying to figure out what to do after paying for 1 year of the monitoring service, hub, keypad, sensors, and Cam OG. I should have researched this more carefully, but I do think it is easy to make the leap that a camera that can be added as part of my home monitoring system, and that has intelligent sound monitoring, would work together. Other DIY alarm systems that do not have their own smoke and CO sensors use the same approach, that is, they listen for the aural tone of the home’s CO and smoke detectors and will trigger the alarm and alert the monitoring service.

I am sure there are others who have made the same assumption that the camera and monitoring system would interface.

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oh yah… its like you have to prove the negative here…

Anyway, I am returning it… and all the wyze advocates here - hold on to your seats

I ordered it on Aug 11, it was delivered on Aug 15… but today, when I finally got around to return, it tells me that these items are no longer eligible for a return. What gives. Let me see what wyze support does…

and the locks can not be managed remotely unless your app is connected to the same network. What’s the point.

Wyze Return Policy

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