Their grass looks greener 👀

Fwiw, I’m upping my rating to ‘Pretty good.’ :slight_smile:

I continue to receive a lot of value from the v2/v3 cams, bulbs, plugs and rules I use to coordinate them.

The rating change is due to a ‘sense’ of steady improvement in firmware update reliability, and in their handling of problems that do arise. Also, person detection is miles ahead of where it was, in my experience.

Things are trending toward stability, I think, and that’s not nothing.

  • 8 v2 & v3 cams,
  • Cam Plus Lite
  • Android
  • 2-node mid-level mesh Wifi
  • 500/20 dn/up internet
  • Accessed mostly locally (wifi vs cell)
  • Nothing shared
  • 2-story, wood frame, lathe & plaster construction
  • Multi-family neighborhood (lots of competing signal)
  • Did more fine tuning (over time) than the average person probably would
  • Advanced non-pro tech skills
  • Comfortable and ok with troubleshooting
  • Fairly patient