New products

We need a smart Wyze smoke & carbon monoxide alarm that can send you notifications, hard to find a good one on the market.

Also time for a Wyze band 2.0 since the first one is off the market, I love mine but I know they don`t last 4 ever.

Go vote for it below, but don’t get your hopes up that this is coming this year. They listed this as maybe later, and have said this year they aren’t going to make many exceptions to camera products besides a few things they’d already basically had mostly ready prior to their decision to focus on cameras (and app improvement) this year:

Don’t plan on it. The VP had the following to say regarding lifestyle products like Watch/Band:

I don’t think they plan to do anymore of those, and definitely not this year as explained above.

I am hoping for the smoke and CO sensors though! I plan to bring this back up with them again next year once this “Year of the camera” is over. For now, we kind of have a workaround with all the cameras supporting sound detection of other smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and can then send an alert to our phone when the camera hears those sounds.


I was just about to mention this. :slight_smile:

As for no further Wyze Band, let me also voice my support for a continuation. To me, the Band brings everything else together. I don’t know what I would do without mine! I only use it for a few simple functions (time, temperature), but ALL my Wyze notifications filter thru it. Love the Band! :heart: