Smart smoke alarm CO2 detector used with Wyze home?

Anyone know of a good smart smoke alarm/CO2 device that works well with Google home and plays nice with the Wyze ecosystem??

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


I would read in the wishlist thread, starting around here:

There are several people talking about the alternatives they were considering or got to cover the CO2 requirements they needed.

You might want to pick up an Alexa device. They will monitor the smoke and CO alarms for you if you subscribe to their emergency service. Contact Amazon for details.

In a fire or smoke situation you want a carbon monoxide (CO) detector and not a carbon dioxide (CO2) detector. :firefighter:


On paper all seems good but hub consistantly fails to reconnect after a power failure even when hardwired, Everything else reconnects on my network including cams except hub, it has to be manually reset or deleted and added back as new device, every single time. Extremally unreliable for any security, smoke or co monitoring scenerio. Support has offered up new hub that does exact same thing and seems to think that is acceptable. Paying for security/safety system should come with reliable hardware, but this is not the case.

I have the same problems with the hub going offline and you can’t reset it without being physically present - which when our 2 homes are 600 miles apart isn’t always possible.
You wind up having no security. I just replaced SimpliSafe with smoke detectors etc.
Both systems were 10+ years old and I thought I’d just upgrade to Wyze. Bad idea.
No stability, no smoke detectors.

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