Wyze Smoke/CO Detector

I would like To get A smoke detector that can send me alerts if it detects smoke.

If I could choose the next Wyze product, it would be a smoke and CO detector. This would be HUGE for Wyze, and I would use these throughout my house. The way that Wyze has approached all their other products makes me feel that this would be an outstanding product. Nest is the best smart detector available today, as far as I’m concerned, but very expensive.


I’ve been shopping for a smart smoke/CO detector. I held back on buying them because I need a few of them and they are expensive per one (I ended up buying an ordinary smoke/CO detector instead). It’s too bad that the Nest Protect can’t be used as a speaker like the one from OneLink.

Also, I think that it would be cool if these detectors can also be security domes that can record videos. The security dome is mountable on the detectors.


I would love this!! I could place these all throughout my house and my parents house as a way to make sure everything is ok! If Wyze makes one it has to be able to connect to the app so it can send an alert if there is a fire!

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I second this. This is how Wyze makes a better one. This is what makes Wyze special.


Would love to see you guys make a smoke/co2 detector. Ones that network together and if one goes off, they all go of/alert on the app.


I have a ZCombo first alert hooked into smart things,but need to replace more around the house. I was happy to see the smoke)co detector as a question on a recent questionnaire that Wyze had up. Hopefully it happends!

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I know the teams have been insanely busy with all the products and upgrades that have been going on (Thanks by the way for all you have given to us :clap: ), but I wouldn’t mind to see a smoke/CO detector. I am really liking using Wyze kind of as an all around security brand. Adding a smoke detector would kind of be a final product for me personally.

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I am looking to buy some smoke & co detectors and looked up in Wyze Forum to know where things are with this product. I don’t think Wyze won’t meet and exceed regulatory requirement for a Smoke & CO detector given the types and quality that are currently in the market. @WyzeGwendolyn and @WyzeTeam any hint?

Currently the only hints you will receive are from the status at the top. Currently it is in ‘maybe-later’ status, if it changes to ‘researching’ that means they have started to look at it.


We’re not working on this one at this point but we may do it someday. No promises yet. :slight_smile:

If you want to purchase someone’s existing hardware and have it work with your Wyze Cam’s smoke/CO detection, please make sure that you purchase ones that use the standard T3 and T4 tones. Variables such as a smoke alarm saying, “FIRE!” may impact the ability of your Wyze Cam to recognize the alert.


It’s great that Wyze Cams can listen for smoke/co2 alarms going off. What would be even better is a smart smoke alarm made by Wyze. I was just looking at Google’s Nest Protect smoke/co2 alarm, which is amazing and feature rich but pricey, especially if I want to use it throughout a house. (My house has at least 2 smoke alarms, which would cost $238 to replace with Nest Protects; a good chuck of change especially for those on a budget) It would be awesome if Wyze made their own smart smoke alarm that offered similar features, but at a Wyze price.

The Nest Protect has some features that I would be fine not having, as neat as they are. For example, I can live without the Pathlight feature, which causes the alarm to light up white when you walk underneath it at night. Which is cool, but I am okay without it.

Being able to hush the alarm from your phone would be a good feature to include. Even direct integration with the Wyze Cams would be cool, similar to what people already do with the smoke alarm detection feature. But with direct integration, it is more reliable. Being able to test itself and not being set off by steam would be good to have as well.


An obstacle I see for Wyze if they were to make their own smoke alarm is UL certification. Most building codes require smoke alarms to be UL listed and getting a test done can be very costly.

Additionally, some states like NY, require hard wired smoke alarms with sealed 10 year batteries. I haven’t gotten around to testing the accuracy of the camera’s smoke/co alarm detection, but I think that’s their best bet.

Given the amount of regulations and reqired certifications smoke alarms must go through before going to market, I don’t think it would be a viable option for Wyze to pursue. Even if they did make a smoke alarm, I don’t think it would be significantly cheaper than others.

But anything is possible so who knows.

Some of their other products, for example the plugs, require certification. The plugs are ETL certified which uses UL testing procedures and is also accepted.


I would love to see a smoke detector with a snooze feature if you all ever make one.

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me too – joined just to upvote a smoke alarm


With Wyze (or any smart smoke alarm – but wyze would make one I can afford given we need four) I’d be able to quickly see which one it was and, if a false alarm (which thankfully they’ve always been) turn it off without getting out a 15’ ladder.

If I had a Wyze smoke and carbon monoxide detector, I certainly wouldn’t sleep in peace.

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Same here, Joined to request the smoke alarm.
A feature I really think it needs. is modularity. Reason cant bring myself to pay so much for a nest version is that it still only lasts 10 years max, because the sensor “dries up”/ goes bad after that. And the number of reviews with false alarms were quite scary. So the sensor’s should be able to be user swappable with a new one so that you can keep the same detector and just keep charging it up. This would also greatly cut down on e-waste,


Would be nice having a WiFi enabled smoke detector. Just in case you are away from home, it add an extra layer of safety if you’ll know you’ll get a notification.

I know there are other brands out there, but I love wyze and also would be nice if I can connect it to my wyze smart plug to automatically turn something off it the smoke detector is activated.

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