Can a camera with Smart Sound Recognition be used as a "sensor" for Home Monitoring

I just received my Wyze home alarm system and purchased the Cam OG as part of the system. I also purchased the NOONLIGHT home monitoring service.

I just printed out the Insurance Certificate as I am required to have a monitored security system. I noticed that “CO and Smoke Detection” are not highlighted. I assumed (yes, I should have done more homework!) that the “Smart Sound Recognition” feature of the Cam OG would work in conjunction with the home monitoring system and act as a “sensor” that can trigger the alarm and monitoring service.
Please tell me if that is possible. If it is not, I just wasted a bunch of money as this is a requirement of my homeowner’s insurance. If this is possible, I need a certificate that says that I am actively monitoring for burglary and fire.

I’m also wondering if Wyze plans to have purpose-built sensors for CO and Smoke or a simple integration between the camera system and home monitoring system to do this. This seems like an obvious roadmap item.

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Unfortunately it is not. The cams can listen for the sound of a Smoke or CO detector and can send you a Push Notification alert of that event, both directly from the cam and from the cam integration within the HMS Security Cams, however cams cannot be used with the HMS to trigger an Alarm Event.

I’m not sure why this is. It has been requested within the Wishlist many times over as has the request for Wyze to offer an integrated Smoke and CO detector.

I’m just swagging this, but I am thinking it is because of the liability and safety factor of the cams not meeting the zero defect requirement for Fire\Smoke and CO detection. Because those are such heavily regulated and stringent safety requirements, and because the cams most likely can’t meet those requirements, Wyze won’t code for it and the insurance companies wouldn’t accept it.

I would absolutely love for Wyze to get on board with expanding the HMS into Fire\Smoke & CO detection, but the investment required to secure the UL certification for Smoke\CO Detectors and the liability that brings with it may be more than Wyze wants to invest.

So we wait. Here are the Wishlist requests asking Wyze to add this functionality:

If you would like to request that Wyze add these features, follow the links, vote for it at the top, like :heart: some posts, and add your reply post to support the request.

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Thank you for the quick and thorough response! The liability issue and UL certification makes sense. Clearly it’s not a technical issue that precludes the camera from triggering a fire alarm event.

My insurance company is requiring that I have a monitoring service for both fire and burglary. I need to either change my alarm system or move to a different home owners insurance company. :frowning:

Ring has a sensor that listens for smoke alarms and works with their HMS, but of course the hardware and monitoring service are more expensive.

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Absolutely not. All it takes is the coding (though I can’t imagine how hard or easy that is… I’m not a programmer) to link the detection upload event to the Alarm Trigger. But, much like the complete absence of any Actions within Rules for the HMS, Wyze has been VERY protective of what devices can interact with the HMS.

I am lucky enough to have an insurance company that discounts for just burglary. I also have the Leak Sensors and Climate Sensors which are Noonlight Monitored and do produce a listing on the certificate for Leak and Freeze monitoring, however I have yet to get my local podunk insurance company to allow an additional discount for those.

I have had my HMS since I ordered it on Pre-Sale and it was initially released over two years ago. I have done a lot of research into alternative monitored Smoke\CO detectors but have been dragging my feet on purchasing and installing hoping that Wyze might make some big announcement. But still I wait. There is a WiFi detector out there that does use Noonlight as a monitor, but I would have to do a deep dive to find it again, and it would mean an additional monitoring subscription.