Smoke Detectors and Detection - Short of my goals

Smoke Detection Dilemma:

I’m ready go dump my ATT security system. Unless I’m mistaken, I will have a dangerous hole in my home security when attempting to use smoke detection using my Wyze eco system.
* I get only a sound notification when a smoke detector sounds off. I need a clear alert that there is ‘smoke’;
* Having to use a camera for these alerts means I continue to see a video of the room as opposed to just a smoke/ sound alert = how to turn off the video;
* Without a clear signal for smoke, I don’t think I can create a rule to signal a siren;
* I now find out that “Wyze Monitoring” that I have on two properties does not include smoke detection;


The only option for the inclusion of a smoke detector in the Wyze Ecosystem currently is to use a cam to “listen” for the sound of an alarm:

No. The push notification will not be a generic sound event. The push notification sent as a result of the alarm alert will tell you if it is a Smoke or CO detection event. I forced my CO detector to alert and my cam pushed the following alert notification to me:

It is a cam. It records video. That is its job. Turning off the video means turning off the sound detection that triggered it. All sound events, regardless of what triggers them, results in a 12s video that also records the sound that triggered the event. If you don’t want to see the sound event video in your Events Tab video list, use the filter funnel to filter out sound events and they will not be shown. If you do want to see them, they look different from other events:

Yes you can. The push notification is not the trigger for the rule to activate cam sirens. The Cam is the trigger. In the rules, the cam set to Alarm on Smoke \ CO can be used as the trigger when a Smoke \ CO event is detected. You will need a separate rule for Smoke vs CO since rules can have but one trigger.

You can then activate sirens on one \ all cams in the action blocks of that rule. You can add as many cams as you like to siren.


You are correct. Wyze does not offer a smoke \ CO detector that can be integrated into the HMS architecture. If they ever do develop this, one would hope that it is compatible with the Sense Hub and HMS. This is currently a #wishlist request topic:


Well I was crafting a response but you slayed it before me Slab :smile:

Here is at least the rule I created to show you can create a trigger rule for IF smoke is detected then Turn on Siren on V3s or Pan Cam V2s.