Help Configuring Smoke Detector Notifications

I’m using three v2 cams in my house and I’ve turned on the smoke and CO2 alarms for each. I have SD cards in all three which are set to record continuously. I do not want to be notified for any motion or sound from any of the cameras, but I would like the smoke and CO2 to work.

I’ve discovered that I must have notifications turned on inside the camera settings → Notifications in order to get a push notification for the smoke alarm going off (otherwise it just shows up in events without a notification). However, when I enable notifications for the camera (even with motion events unchecked and sound events off), I continue to get sound and motion notifications for each camera (see screenshot).

Is this an either-or situation? All I’m wanting is the smoke detector notification.

Have you tried keeping the Notifications settings and Alert settings as they are but disabling “Record Motion Events” and “Record Sound Events” in the Event Recording settings?

That was the trick - thanks!

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Awesome! Glad you found a solution!