Help Configuring Smoke Detector Notifications

I’m using three v2 cams in my house and I’ve turned on the smoke and CO2 alarms for each. I have SD cards in all three which are set to record continuously. I do not want to be notified for any motion or sound from any of the cameras, but I would like the smoke and CO2 to work.

I’ve discovered that I must have notifications turned on inside the camera settings → Notifications in order to get a push notification for the smoke alarm going off (otherwise it just shows up in events without a notification). However, when I enable notifications for the camera (even with motion events unchecked and sound events off), I continue to get sound and motion notifications for each camera (see screenshot).

Is this an either-or situation? All I’m wanting is the smoke detector notification.

Have you tried keeping the Notifications settings and Alert settings as they are but disabling “Record Motion Events” and “Record Sound Events” in the Event Recording settings?

That was the trick - thanks!

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Awesome! Glad you found a solution!

Hi @SlabSlayer and @zachmaster, I have a single wyze v2 cam in kitchen, where it could easily hear any smoke or co2 detector going off in my single story 1900 sqft home. Am i hearing you correctly that to enable remote notifications when smoke or co2 detectors go off i go into the wyze app’s account > notifications > push notifications > wyze 2 cam entry settings > sound = enabled? that option is unselectable in my environment, does that mean i need to pay for this experience?

You can’t turn on Sound Notifications if you aren’t recording Sound Events.

You can’t be notified of an Alarm event upload if your Cam isn’t recording Alarm Events either.

Go to Alarm Settings in the settings menu to enable the Smoke\CO listener.

You shouldn’t need to have Sound Events Uploading or have Sound Notifications on for it to work, but your Sound Sensitivity setting will affect it. If you do want to record Sound Events, you will need to enable it in the Event Recording menu before you can enable the Notifications for them.

Thanks for the specific strings needed to get that working.

Turning of camera motion detection and associated notifications shouldn’t affect the smoke and Co2 alarm push notifications right?

How would I test that it is working, do you press the test button on smoke detector that is furthest away from camera V2 with sound detection on?

I haven’t tested this in a really long time, but I believe the Alarm Events listener is seperated from the Sound Events listener so that it will upload Alarms even if Sound Events is off. Just make sure you have Notifications for the cam On.

Yes. Sound the alarm.

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Thanks for clarifications and additional details. Also found some youtube smoke alarm recordings so i could test range of sound detection in the one camera i currently have deployed.

Would you expect to have to wait the 5 or is it 15min cool down period in between smoke / co2 detector sound detection tests if using no subscriptions based setup similar to have motion detection has a cool down period you must account for when testing it using no subscription based setup?

Have you found that kitchen wyze cam v2 setup for smoke and co2 sound detection will trigger off detector alarms happening in that room but not from a room at other end of a hallway off of the kitchen?

Have you found a way to get wyze cam v2 setup sound detection to only listen for smoke and co2 sound detection and not other sounds?

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I just tested this on two cams, one subscribed to Cam Plus, and one with no subscription, for both Smoke and CO Detection, through 3 test repetitions.

Both cams appear to be subject to the 5m cooldown for Sound Upload Events and for Alarm Upload Events. Through 3 attempts during the 5m following a successful Alarm Upload Events & Push Notification on both cams, I could not get either Cam to Upload or send another Alarm Push Notification. Only after the 5m had expired was I successful in getting the two cams to upload & send another Alarm Upload Push Notification.

Conclusion: Cam Subscription status has no affect on the Alarm Upload Events 5m Cooldown. All cams are subject to this regardless of subscription.

Note though, that the Smoke Alarm Upload Events & Push Notification and the CO Alarm Upload Event & Push Notification appear to have their own 5m cooldown which is not affected by the other.

The distance of your cams from your detectors is unique to your particular network topology and can’t be replicated by another user. It would stand to reason that a detector sounding from a distance would be more difficult for the cam to hear. The volume intensity of the particular brand of Smoke Detector is also a variable.

I tested to see if modification of the Sound Detection Sensitivity would affect the effectiveness of the Smoke\CO Alarm Detection on the cams. I reduced Sound Sensitivity to 1 on both cams and initiated the test from a distance. Both cams alerted and sent Alarm Push Notifications.

Conclusion: the Alarm sensitivity of the cam is preset in the Firmware and is not affected by the Sound Sensitivity setting.

I do not have a V2. But it should be the same as the V3. Yes. It is possible. All of my tests above were set up this way.

Leave the Smoke\CO toggle On in the Alarm settings and turn Off the toggle for Record Sound Events in the Event Recording settings.

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Awesome thanks for the useful clarifications and additional details arising from your various test permutations relating to use of this smoke and co2 detector alarm sound detection notifications. Really helpful.

I think the issue with my distant smoke detector alarm sound at end of hallway not being detected and sending me a push notification when doing a test was because i either hadn’t allowed the 5 minute cool down window to have expired since prior test or i didn’t operate the alarm sound for what appears to be the at least 30secs before the alarm setting for smoke and co2 detection will trigger a push alert.

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My Smoke \ CO detectors only emit a test tone for 3 to 5 seconds. The cams successfully recognize the two tones and upload an Alarm Event and send a Push Notification.

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