Smoke Alarm Push Notifications

I would like to get smoke alarm notifications from my kitchen, but I don’t need motion or sound. Is that even possible? I’m not sure which toggles I need to set. Thanks in advance for any help.

wyze cam v2

Just toggle the smoke notifications and your should be okay.

In Event Recording, toggle both Detects Motion and Detects Sound to OFF.

In Alarm Settings, toggle Smoke Alarm Sound to ON (check marked).

That will do what you’re trying to accomplish.

What if I wanted to keep the cloud and sd events recordings, just not get push notifications for those. Only for the smoke alarm, is that possible?


Yes it is. Just go to Camera Settings > Event Recording and turn off the Send Push Notification switch there. Note that this switch falls within the Event Recording settings but not the Alarm Settings. The switch applies to motion/sound events only. There is no way to turn off push notifications for alarms that are enabled, except to disable notifications for the entire account.


Oh, ok that explains it. Thanks alot.

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