Add ability of user to ADD other types of Alarms that respond like the Smoke/CO2 alarms

For the WYZE Cam: to detect other sounding alarms? For example, a water detection sensor. Presently the Camera/mobile app will only detect Smoke and CO alarms.
Use the Smart Sound Recognition advanced algorithm added to the app, for the camera to add a new alarm sound. This should be at least 2 new alarms and the user assigns the name. Total 4 Alarms that can be detected. The Camera/App should listen to the new sound 3 different times (30 seconds each time) to learn the alarm pattern. It would then be saved and would become one of the active alarms for that specific user. Then the newly added alarm type goes off, the system would send an alarm via email with the New Alarm Name, just like it does for Smoke and CO.