Sound Detection with Smoke alarm

My wyze cam app is not recognizing sound detection with a smoke alarm. My smoke alarm went off the other morning and I did not get an alert. I double check my settings and I did have it set up to detect smoke alarms.

Could you please send in an audio recording of your Alarm? The smoke alarm setting is based off of the alarm pattern so if yours is abnormal for some reason this could cause it to not detect.


I have two Nest Protect that runs a self monthly test (emiting CO2 & Smoke sound) and doesn’t get reported by the App.

My smoke alarm, with the classic, three beeps then a pause, is not detected by the cam.

Ditto. Firex smoke alarm shrieking like a banshee for several minutes from a wisp of oven smoke. Four Wyze cams in range all set to respond and zero alerts sent. Not a distance issue because my cams pick up dog toenails on hardwood from 30 feet.

Firex is one of the most common brands installed by homebuilders, so if it’s not recognized, that’s a problem.

Anyone on here able to confirm that they DO get alerts from fire alarms?

I do. First Alert brand.

Mine are not detected. They have the 3 beeps, followed by the words “fire fire fire”, repeat.

had my cams since 9/2018 and they have never alerted to smoke alarm sounds even though mine have the 3 beeps. emailed support and took them 13 days to reply. support assumed it was due to me having an older version of smoke alarms with a different type of beeps. i replied the same day saying that mine are the newer style. it’s been 3 days with no reply.

Support has been extremely busy and they apologise for the delayed replies, but for the camera not alerting check out this audio file and play it next to the camera and see if it works, this is the same standard sound that the camera scans for.

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i checked out the audio file and it’s the same sound my smoke/co alarms make. i played it next to the wyzecams and they do not give any kind of alert. i have a couple other devices that have the same feature to detect smoke/co alarm sounds and send an alert. when i played this audio file next to those devices, they sent me an alert as they always have unlike the wyzecams. so from what i can see it is an issue with the wyzecam unless there are additional settings that need to be toggled other than the on/off switch for smoke/co detection.

Does the camera give you alerts when it detects sound and also what firmware version is your camera running?

@WyzeGwendolyn would the camera running an old firmware version affect the smoke alarm/co detection?

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yes. they detect sound but the way i have it set up right now only one of them is set to detect and alert me to sound. i assumed that having the smoke/co detection turned on, that it would detect those specific sounds whether sound detection is enabled or not.

while testing with this sound file some more, i discovered something very odd. i went to the wyzecam that i have enabled to detect sound and of course also have the smoke/co enabled. i played this 44 second audio clip and didn’t receive a single sound alert. absolutely nothing. a few seconds after the clip ended, i coughed and clapped a few times and a sound alert came through. i checked the clip and it was only of me coughing and clapping. the cam should have at the least detected the audio clip noise as sound and sent an alert but it didn’t. so it seems the cam does recognize the smoke/co alarm sound enough to know what it is but completely ignores it and doesn’t send an alert. with this discovery, these cams are actually the last thing you want to alert you to smoke/co alarms going off in your home. they actually go out of their way to not alert you that your smoke/co alarms are going off.

both wyzecam v2 firmware version

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So, oddly, the cam can identify smoke alarms separately from other sounds, but only so they can be ignored?

I also played this to my cameras, all of which are set to alert for smoke alarms. Not a single response. I have 2 pan, one V2, one V1 within range of the smoke alarm. All running most current firmware.

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Thanks for letting us know about these issues! We apologize for them as well as the delay in response from support. I’ll send this link over to the dev side so they can take a look. Older firmware shouldn’t impact this but it’s possible.


Just to chime in, I just bought to Wyze cams, both V2 w/latest firmware. I just installed new First Alert smoke and CO detectors throughout my home. The cam in the garage did not pick up any of the many alarms that sounded as I tested each detector (8 total). The one in the kitchen picked up the smoke alarm twice and the CO alarm once. It’s maybe 15 feet from the main floor detector, which is in a hallway just outside the kitchen. This is not the primary reason I bought the Wyze cams but it is one of the reasons and very disappointing it works so poorly. BTW I have sound detection disabled on both cams - THAT worked so well I was constantly getting notifications of cars driving by outside the house, distant train whistles, squirrels on the roof, etc.

has anyone who has experienced this issue seen an update fix it yet? Mine still do not work.

I bought my wyze cam last December and this feature has never worked. I just tried it today and I received a sound notification only because I turned on sound. I have disabled sound notifications in the house because everything sets off notifications. I thought as long as the smoke alarm was enabled, you would receive a notifcation that the smoke alarm was going off. I have updated to the latest firmware.

Team, have not seen any resolution to this, any updates? Tried today for the first time to set smoke and CO alarms (have two different detectors) and no luck.

You have to let the alarms go through a few cycles so the cams can identify the code. They have to be US alarms built within the recent past (not sure exactly how far back they changed the tones, but it has been a handful of years at least). The alarms need to be within direct earshot of the camera to avoid distortion due to echoing.

I recently tested mine, and they worked fine.


Thank you very much … appreciate your fast response!