Smoke detection sound with Detects Sound OFF

Under Event recording there is a switch for Detects Sound .

If I turn that “Off” but
turn “ On" Send Notifications for Sound
and also turn "On** Smoke Alarm sound under “Alarm Settings”,
will I only get notified of sounds that come from a Smoke Alarm or will I not receive any notifications at all since I turned “ Off ” Detects Sound in Even recording ?

Turning off Event Recording > Detects Sound will have no impact on smoke or CO alarm alerts or recordings. It is a setting for simple sound alerts, and is based on the sensitivity of the Detection Settings > Sound Detection. Notifications > Sound is also for simple sounds, and this one will not have any effect (on or off) if its parent, Detection Settings > Sound Detection is off.

So you can have both Event Recording > Detects Sound and Notifications > Sound off, with Alarm Settings > Smoke or CO alarm on, and you will get both a notification and a 12-second video from the camera detecting the alarm.


I have my indoor camera set up exactly this way. Works fine for the smoke alarms, but your event videos won’t have audio :stuck_out_tongue:

The setting for no audio on your recordings is not one of the above settings. That setting is Advanced Settings > Record Sound

Thanks Newshound for that info.
The reason I turned off Sound Detection in Event Recording is that I was getting every little sound notification no matter how low I set the sensitivity. So since Smoke and CO2 are more important, I will turn on those settings but turn off Event Recording Sound detection.

To dylanftl
I could possibly be wrong here, but I thought that turning off Sound detection in Event Recording only stops Wyze from sending all the annoying notifications every time the camera hears a noise and has no effect nor does it stop audio from being recorded of legitimate motion detection events.
Am I wrong?

One last concern about this…All though I have not had the misfortune to have my Smoke/Alarm/Co2 alarms go off, I’ve read that this feature doesn’t work as well (or at all) as it should. Anyone have any experience with whether Smoke/Alarm/CO2 detection does or doesn’t actually work as intended?

I just did a test 5 days ago, then actually had one go off for real (but a false alarm) 2 days later. The cameras worked for me, although they were unreliable if the detector was in another room. One of the cameras usually picked up on the remote alarm though. I tested with both a real smoke detector and a recorded smoke detector & CO detector.

Here are my stories:

Uh, i think i read your initial question incorrectly at first. So, turning off detect sounds, will prevent it from recording event videos based on sound, alternatively you can leave it on if you want sound events, and just turn off the notifications. For the smoke alarm detection, I have it on, Sound detection off in event videos and advanced settings so the camera records not sound.

Also to speak to the reliability of the smoke alarm detection, we unfortunately have very sensitive smoke alarms in my house (very, very annoying) and they go off at least twice a week, even when theres no smoke, lol. My Wyze camera is in the same room as a smoke alarm, has only detected the alarm once. The alarms are incredibly loud because my whole house is on a system so everyone of them goes off if on is tripped.

How old are your detectors? They should have a manufacture date on the back. They last 10 years. After that, false alarms become more common. Mine never false alarmed until a few days ago, but then I heard this was a symptom of old detectors, that they will trigger on even dust particles. My detectors were 17 years old.

I will check, but I assume theyre pretty new. My house is only a couple years old. They trigger to EVERYTHING, I vape so ive set them off that way a few times, but pretty much anytime we do anything in the kitchen they go off when theres no smoke or anything. Like I made toast this morning and they went off and they’re so INCREDIBLY loud lol

They’re from 2017, same year the house was made. I guess I’m just unlucky. I wiped them off while I was up there lol .

What brand are they? I want to avoid buying any to replace mine, lol.

They’re first alert. I feel like the false alarms wouldn’t be as bad if they didn’t all go off, but having 6-7 blaring is super loud.

Ah. Those are the interconnected ones, aren’t they? I was about to go that route until I saw a lot of false alert reviews on Amazon.

Yeah they’re the interconnected ones. Honestly the one that gives false alarms is the kitchen one. They go off almost daily even if there is no smoke at all, its crazy. I’m thinking about unplugging it but I’m unsure if it would set off the other 5, and I believe thats our only CO sensor

I’m no expert here, but I don’t think you are supposed to have any smoke detector in the kitchen.
There are two basic types of smoke detectors. One type alerts to heavy smoke, another type alerts to Ionization type of fires. These are fires that have little smoke. Sounds like you may have the ionization type.
I have all my detectors detect both types to be sure. I’ve never ever had what you are experiencing. Some of them are hard wired into the home and Alarm system, Some are battery operated.
My advise is to remove the detector in the kitchen for sure.
If all else fails, I certainly would contact the manufacturer about this. They might have some helpful advise.
From the Wyze camera standpoint, it is disappointing that your Wyze cams are not alerting you to these events. It’s a great idea, but apparently no great on execution.

Yeah. I’m renting currently, they did a lot of stupid placements in this house. Our A/C thermostat is in the kitchen too. So when we’re cooking and it goes hot in the kitchen, the rest of the house freezes. The Alarm in the kitchen detects both smoke and co2, we’re likely going to disconnect it, as theres another smoke alarm near it that I think will be less sensitive.

& the cameras are surprising too me. When the alarms go off we usually shut them off quickly, so maybe they’re not running long enough for wyze to detect them, the camera in my room is a good 15 feet from an alarm, but it’s incredibly loud so I can’t imagine the mic not picking it up.

Wyze: “Smart Sound Recognition uses an advanced algorithm that recognizes the unique sound patterns of smoke alarms and CO monitors.” So for smoke detectors, it’s very likely the camera has to hear all 3 beeps before the pause at a minimum. That is the code. It’s also possible it may have to hear 6 beeps so it can see how long the pause is.

On the Devs test recording it actually goes thru 3 beeps 4 times. BTW, while I played the Dev’s recording on my computer just now, a camera in another room reported hearing a smoke detector.

Interesting, maybe thats it then. Good to know!

Yes, from some notes I saw on their web page for First Alert smoke and CO detectors:

  • Smoke alarms should be at least 20 feet from appliances like furnaces and OVENS.

  • Do not install carbon monoxide alarms in garages, KITCHENS, furnace rooms, or in any extremely dusty, dirty, humid, or greasy areas.

If it is a malfunction, you should call First Alert for support. I believe those have a 7-year limited warranty. Can’t imagine suffering so many false alerts!

It looks like armatures built the house.
No one in their right mind, with a morsel of common sense, would ever put the thermostat, much less a smoke alarm in the kitchen!
I was going to say…what were they thinking, but realize…they weren’t.
It still seems like the smoke detectors are of the ionization type. Good but not as effective as a true smoke detector/ionization combo. CO2 detection is nice but personally, I’d rather have smoke/ionization detector with a separate detector dedicated to only CO2.
Just my 2 cents worth.
As for the reliability of the sound detection…I’m kinda disappointed, realizing that this is not the main reason I wanted these Wyze cams.