Smoke detection sound with Detects Sound OFF

In all my recent tests, if the cam and the detector were in reasonable proximity and you let the detector go through a few 3-tone cycles, the cams always identified it. At least mine did.

Uh, the other 5 alarms may be the smoke/ionization type. The one in the kitchen is different than the others. & Yeah, these houses we’re kinda just slapped together, theres a lot of really weird and half assed stuff about them lol. I just moved states and they were the cheapest 4 bedroom we could get ($1450/mo :pleading_face: ) Hopefully only going to be here for a year.

I just ordered a smart thermostat and I’m likely going to add a sensor and put it in another room to detect the temperature so it can more accurately represent every room that isn’t that kitchen.

That could be very much be it. I usually try to turn the smoke alarm off asap because its super loud. Maybe its just my fault! I apologize for all the info then D:

I just tried the smoke alarm recording that Newshound posted…nothing.
When I moved very close to the camera, it did alert me.
Does the smoke alarm alert follow the same crazy 5 minute cool down that motion detection use?
If so, maybe that is why I got no notification the first time.
As far as the thermostat, most use very simple wiring so if you are slightly handy, you might be able to disconnect it from the kitchen and run the wires in the wall to hook up a basic thermostat maybe in the hallway. Either way good luck.

So when you followed my instructions it did work. I can’t get reliable detections room-to-room, but I can get reliable detections from multiple cams are within direct earshot.

“So when you followed my instructions it did work”

Well sort of. The camera I was testing is in my Great Room. The room is approx. 24 feet by 20 feet with a two story ceiling. Standing in the center of the room, the camera didn’t report the smoke alarm test. Moving within 5 feet of the camera an re-running the test, it did trigger a smoke alarm notification.
I may have to test with an actual smoke alarm to see if I get better results.

My tests using the sound file were from a computer with a high-fidelity sound bar. Yes, I would recommend using a real smoke detector. I have a cam in my guest bedroom window and one 15’ off the ground down the hallway in a clerestory window along the roof line, and when I took my smoke detector just outside the door of the guest bedroom and pointed it so it was more or less facing both cams, then let the smoke alarm go thru a few 3-tone cycles, both cams identified it.

I’ve had the hallway one pick up the alerts from my computer in my computer room, but since the path isn’t so direct and it isn’t a real smoke detector it wasn’t as reliable.