Home Monitoring Certificate - Smoke/Fire

I have a full system including a Cam v3. When I got the monitoring certificate, Smoke/Fire was not checked off. Only Burglary/Trespass.
How do I get a certificate acknowledging that my cam monitors my smoke alarms? This is one of the reasons why I bought the cam.

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Welcome to the Wyze community @stevemisc!
The camera is able to “listen” for sounds like smoke/fire alarms and send notifications, but it is not a main method of monitoring your smoke/fire alarms. Most companies will require smoke/fire alarms to be connected directly to the home’s central panel or hub similar to the door and motion sensors. I’m guessing this is the reason that smoke/fire monitoring was not checked off. The monitoring company also has no access to your camera(s) or videos recorded.

I would not think it that difficult to build a smoke/CO2 alarm, such as the X-Sense that communicates with the Wyze Hub. Conversely, Alexa can listen for certain unlikely noises when set to guard so I would think it could listen for the 80+db of a smoke/CO2 detector. Not even my 3 year old granddaughter can hit 80db for more than a second or two!

See this wish list item:

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I just noticed the only thing listed on the cert is the burglary/trespass. Even though I have a flood sensor installed. Also the listening was good enough for Ring to have it as a monitored condition, Ring just had a listener that you installed near the smoke detector