Add fire /smoke/ CO alarm monitor to Wyze HMS

I just installed Home Monitoring Security from WYZE. I added my camera and activated notification of Smoke/CO notification.
But, It was not indicated on the security certificate. WYZE support indicated that currently, WYZE Home Monitoring does not get notified for CO/Smoke emergency. I would like that to be included in the emergency response.


If fire alarm capability is eventually added, be sure to use heat detectors in kitchen areas (not smoke detectors) to avoid false alarms. Someone will eventually burn their dinner or set popcorn on fire in the microwave. Commercial fire alarm permitting almost always requires heat detection be used in lunchrooms, break rooms, etc., which is why formal plan review is generally required in advance of construction.


very good point. this is one of those things I could definitely see the company doing more of a disclosure about. not as coverage for them but more of an FYI.

Centralized home monitoring is the reason that I purchased this system. Not because I believe it’s necessary for my home, but my insurance company provides a discount if I have it. Wyze publishes burglary alerts to Noonlight already (as reflected on the certificate that Noonlight creates when you ask for a certificate of home monitoring), but does not include smoke/CO alerts, despite the fact that the cameras detect this (by listening to the smoke/CO alarm sounds).

Noonlight already has an API that let’s developers publish alerts to them to include it in the centralized home monitoring. I’d love for Wyze to add smoke/CO alerts to what they publish to Noonlight so that it’s covered as “centralized home monitoring”.


I agree, i would find it very valuable for Wyze to integrate smoke/CO monitoring with noonlight.

I’m thinking this is because the camera itself doesn’t detect smoke/co, it listens for the sound of the alarm. The detector(s) probably need to be connected to the monitoring directly.
A Wyze smoke and co alarm is currently on the #wishlist

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Noonlight call for alarm triggers (fire & CO detection)

I would like to get a call from Noonlight for any fire or CO alarm trigger. From what I understand pan cam hear a fire or co alarm and send you a notification that it has heard a alarm in the house. I would like a call instead of a notification. It does no good if there is a fire going on in the house and you only get a notification. I don’t check every single time I get a notification to see what kind of notification it is. Fire an Co should be considered an emergency and constitutes a phone call.


Would love to see a smoke/CO alarm, but better yet, a smoke/CO/explosive gas detector. A gas leak can kill you and/or destroy your house just as fast - or faster - than a fire! I’ll bet these would sell like hotcakes…

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I would really like to see a smoke alarm in the home security. my mother in law has Parkinson’s and I have 3 dogs and early detection would be amazing!!!

+1 to this. I know there is the smoke and CO detection in the camera’s. Can that feature be used to alert HMS of a smoke or CO alarm so they can respond with fire department?

Either that or having a standalone smoke/co alarm that ties directly into the HMS.

This is the one feature I need in order to switch from my existing service.

This would be very helpful. Insurance company wont accept HMS without central fire monitoring support. Noonlight currently only certifies burglary for the Wyze system so unfortunately it’s a non-starter.

Please integrate camera smoke alarm and CO sound notifications into critical alerts if you have the Wyze HMS… seems like such a basic opportunity to save lives and homes.

+1 yes, please! Make it an optional feature and charge more for HMS if Noonlight charges more, but make it happen, please!

Agreed! I’d pay more for fire and flood monitoring.

+100 I already have a ton of Wyze cameras but had to sign up with SimpliSafe just for the fire monitoring. Please, Wyze, add this feature and I’ll ditch SimpliSafe tomorrow.

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I suggest we all ask for this via their support chat, that way it gets logged as a feature request. The more they get the higher the chance this gets prioritized. Also, while we’re at it I asked for the ability to also trigger the sirens on the V3 Cams when an alarm goes off… which is even more basic, probably 30 minutes to implement.

Smoke detector for security system

I was hoping to switch to the Wyze security system but the lack of smoke detector of fire detection is a show stopper.

In my current system, I have multiple smoke detectors in a whole house system. A single relay to a door sensor gives me the connectivity and the the sensor simply identifies itself a fire alarm(the does sensors included 2 screw terminals to connect an external switch but if your sensors don’t have that, wires could simply be soldered to the reed switch). A way to configure this for fire on your system would be a reasonable interim solution.

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Curious if this has any chance of happening soon or maybe being worked on? I noticed there is no status report if one of the mods could give us an update please.

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Hi there,

Here’s what plenty of y’all have been waiting for – an official update from Wyze.

I do understand that the camera detects the smoke alarm but not the Wyze Home Monitoring system. Please allow me to explain.

The current Noonlight Monitoring certificate covers only motion and sound alerts. The system does not provide certification against Smoke and CO alerts thus the system won’t be able yet to detect Smoke and CO alerts.

We appreciate you all for bringing this to our attention and I’ll let our product team know.

We will definitely take note of this and rest assured that we will strive to improve the services we offered as we move forward.

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Let’s add leak detection to that list as well. Freeze too for that matter. They’re on the certificate but left unchecked.