Wyze Plug: power cycle on loss of internet connection

I have a cable modem that works best when reset on a somewhat regular basis. I got some Wyze plugs so that I can do this in an automated fashion. However, when the plug no longer has internet access the rules stop running. I set up a rule to turn the plug off and the a minute later turn it back on. It turns off just fine, but since it is powering my modem it will not turn back on. It would be nice if the plugs did not require a constant internet connection to be able to run the rules. An internal clock and rule cache should allow it to run rules even when internet is not available.

Power Cycle Outlets After Dropped Pings to router, performed by Wyze Plug Outdoor

Yesterday I had to drive 2 hours to power cycle a home wifi router that crashed. Would have loved to have a little gadget sense the issue and take an action that was 30 seconds worth of work.

It occurred to me that Wyze Plug Outdoor has this cool internal scheduler feature. It can turn an outlet off and on, on a schedule, independently from having an internet brain connected.

So there is a feature that could be added and would make this little gadget super useful, when you need to power cycle equipment automatically, from time to time, when something bad on the network happens.

Maybe you have one outlet on a cable modem, and the other on the wi-fi router.

Logic would be as follows:

Select one testing mode from list of supported tests and specify timeout for each test cycle:

  • ping FQDN or IP address, set timeout (maximum latency), e.g. 2000ms
  • http get URL on FQDN or IP address, set timeout (maximum latency), e.g. 2000ms
  • Able to connect to wi-fi, set timeout , e.g. 15,000ms

Select test frequency from list:
1 to 60 minutes, e.g. if set to 5 will perform test every 5 minutes

Set number of same and consecutive tests results that will trigger to take action.
e.g. 5,
and display test frequency x occurrences = number of minutes before will perform action

Set test result to trigger action:
e.g. failed or successful

User builds list of actions to complete:

Example 1:

  • Action, power off outlet 1
  • Wait for this many seconds, e.g. 15 seconds
  • Action power on outlet 1

Example 2:

  • Action power on outlet 1
  • Wait for this many seconds, e.g. 15 seconds
  • Action power off outlet 1

Example 3:

  • Action, power off outlet 1 and outlet 2
  • Wait for this many seconds, e.g. 15 seconds
  • Action power on outlet 1
  • Wait for this many seconds, e.g. 120 seconds
  • Action power on outlet 2

Would also be great to be able to build two independent sets of rules, one per outlet. So maybe one rule is pinging the internet, maybe the other is pinging a different device.

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I’ve wanted this on the Wyze Indoor Plugs!

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Awesome idea!

Power Reset rule on Wyze Plug

I’m remote a lot, and sometimes I need my cable modem/router power reset. It would be a nice feature to have a wyze plug be turned off, but a rule that would turn it back on after x seconds. (x being up to 1 minute).

You can’t use a traditional Rule because it is stored in the cloud. The command to turn back on after turning off can’t reach your plug without Internet. You can create a local schedule though if you have a Wyze Plug CFH (2021). You would create a turn off/turn on schedule from Wyze app Home > your plug > Settings (gear icon upper right) > Schedules. This type of schedule works locally. I.e., the schedule functions without Internet.

I have the earlier (pre 2021 Plugs). Is “wyze App Home” a different app than the Wyze App I already use?

No, just the Wyze App, what he means is open the Wyze app, then when that is open make sure you are in the “Home” Tab (it will say Home at the bottom of the screen), --in there you will find your plug in the Home Tab area, select the plug, then go to settings (the gear icon in the top right), then click on schedules.

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I understand now. But this really wouldn’t work because I would need internet connection to setup the temporary schedule. I believe the best option would be to turn on a feature base on this original wishlist item. If there is a lost of internet connectivity, the Wyze plug would power-cycle to end up at an ON condition automatically.

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Outdoor plug power cycle needed after internet disruption

Internet provider had distruption of service. Service came back on hours later. Noticed it was not connected on the app. Came home and power cycled and then was fine. Any way for it to try and reconnect after internet disruption??

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This is mostly for internet-savvy people.
An option for the Wyze plugs to reboot the device connected to it( for example modem or router) if it loses internet connection or ping to a certain location.

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I have two suggestions for the Wyze Plug:

  1. Auto Restart without Wifi connection (after user specified delay)

Suppose I have a wifi access point powered by the plug, and want to power cycle the access point. If I turn the plug off, I won’t have wifi now to the plug to turn the access point back on. If an auto restart with pause feature were implemented, the plug could turn off, wait x seconds, and then turn back on, restarting my access point, and then I would have a connection to the plug again.

  1. Auto Restart when Wifi connection is lost (similar to 1, but a little different)

This would be similar to what the Ubiquiti plug would do: SmartPower Plug – Ubiquiti Inc.

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