Wyze cancelled my air filter subscription. Better check yours!

I have not received an email from Wyze and I’m the one who started this thread.

That is frustrating to be sure. I agree Wyze needs to make resolving the filter stock issue a priority.

While the following is in no way excusing the stock issue (I still think they need to start more frequent stock orders and give priority to reserving them for any subscriptions in the near future). For what it’s worth, I have 3 of these Air Purifiers (and some with other companies from before these launched), and though I replace the filter on 2 of the 3 occasionally, on one of them I have purposely used the same filter for 18 months straight, including through a remodeling of my kitchen where it collected tons of debris and it was still working relatively well. I finally, recently vacuumed the outside pre-filter out, and that allowed increased airflow (though even before I vacuumed it out, it was still working pretty well --comparing it to the other ones that get filter replacements, or the other air filter models I have). So, even when the filters are >18 months old and packed full of debris from drywall dust, I found they are still pretty usable. Again, to be clear, that’s not to say that we shouldn’t be able to replace the filters (we absolutely should), just a heads up to anyone who runs into a situation where they need to extend the life of it a little bit for whatever reason…I have confirmed they will reasonably last longer and we can vacuum the outer layer prefilter if needed to extend things a little bit. Like I said, on one of them, I’ve reused the same one for way more than 3 months at a time (more than 18 months) and it’s working impressively well so far (I have some bad allergies it helps with), at least for little particles like allergens, etc (not saying the activated carbon center captures formaldehydes, etc as well after x months, so obviously replacements are still important in certain use cases where it’s for more than allergens, etc, though the other 2 filters work better for formaldahydes, smoke and gasses anyway).

Hopefully we’ll see a new shipment this month with better logistics implemented.

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Saw on another post allergen filter is back in stock! Just ordered 2. Order went through. Hopefully it won’t be cancelled!

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PS-Thanks Wyze for notifying your subscribers and customers-NOT! Nothing from Wyze they were back in stock!

It says out of stock to me:

I got an order confirmation at 3:34 pm est today when they were showing in stock. We’ll see if the order gets cancelled.

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That’s awesome. It’s a great sign that they got more in again so fast! Hopefully, they keep bringing in more this quickly until the demand subsides/stabilizes. Hopefully one of the reasons they ran out so fast this time is that they reserved a lot of the shipment to start going toward near-future subscription shipments, so they didn’t list those as available stock. That would be a positive improvement.

Thanks for posting that you saw some in stock! If you hadn’t said that, I probably wouldn’t have even realized it, and I’d like to have a general idea how often they get new stock for these coming in over the near future.

I just decided I’m going to start tracking all visual changes to this section of the Wyze Allergen filter page:

Though I guess from this particular service, I can only get 1 update per day, so it’s possible if it comes in and is sold out same day like happened today, I might miss being updated. Later down the road I might install a free docker on my server that will check more often than that for a while. I’m interested to see how often this comes in and goes out of stock. I have one that checks that whole area, and I have a separate tracker that will only check 1 specific element on the page about being in or out of stock with this particular filter. I think I’ll have it check sometime between noon-1pm MST every day and alert me by email if there is a change. We’ll see how often they come in or sell out for a while.

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I still can’t believe Wyze didn’t notify their subscribers and customers that more were in stock.

As of 3:46 pm eat, app showing back in stock. Maybe they’re releasing a few each day?

I purchased mine at 3:34 pm est yesterday. Funny around the same time today.

On the plus side, they’re saying how many are in stock now:


I hadn’t noticed they were showing how many were in stock. That’s great!


The stock only shows if purchasing online but not on the app.


@Resist there are 3 left if you’re still looking to get some before the next shipment

Yes, but not at the subscription discounted price. Wyze needs to fix their screwup. Or maybe just remove the filter subscription options. Has Wyze even admitted there was an issue? Have they explained why our subscriptions were cancelled and they didn’t tell us? I can say this, I will never buy another Wyze product again unless they can make this right!

I have two subscriptions for two separate devices purchased a few months apart. After just reading this thread, I checked and sure enough, they “suspended” one of my subscriptions which was now two months overdue. I did not receive any notification from Wyze about. They did send me messages in January saying they were out of stock and then they just stopped communicating and suspended it. Like others, this whole experience has me quite soured on Wyze. I’ve now learned that with Wyze, you should never buy anything that requires regular replacement parts, unless you know there are viable (and cost effective) third-party vendor options. They do now seem to have a painless wait to “re-enable” your suspended subscription but as others have pointed out, the clock starts over which is insanely stupid. And yes, as others have pointed out, Wyze could have kept happy customers by ensuring that subscriptions were filled before any filters went to their web site or to Amazon. But they don’t seem to understand customer satisfaction. We’ll see if they manage to get my other subscription filled in March. If not, it’s probably time to find a different air purifier solution and re-evaluate my relationship with Wyze for the many other devices I currently have. Could be the case of another company crumbling under the weight of their initial success.

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A few days ago I heard that they had the filters in stock again so I tried setting up my subscription all over again, this time ordering 6 filters and to my surprise it went through and two days later I received them. However, this doesn’t excuse Wyze for cancelling my subscription without telling me when the emails they sent me said they would send my orders once they became available, which they did not. Wyze needs to own up to this issue, provide a reason why it happened and an apology!