Wyze cam v3 sends double notifitcations

My Journey

I set the Wyze app Notification Sound setting to System Default. Uninstalled/reinstalled the app. At that point the screen is blank, ie, has no WyzeMessage listing.

After the first notification occurs, there is a single WyzeMessage listing. If left as is, the System Default tone will sound when a notification occurs.

If you enter the Advanced options of the WyzeMessage listing, you can change the tone to another of your choosing.

Either way, double-play is occurring.

Back in the Wyze app, if you change the Notification Sound setting to Sound 1, and a notification then occurs, you will have another WyzeMessage listing on the OS App Info page. If you repeat the same with Sound 2 and Sound 3, you will have four WyzeMessage listings total.

I found dicking around with those multiple listings to get ANY tone to sound SINGLY was futile. Though I gave up exasperated after a while thinking ‘just another thing,’ so maybe YMMV and a super persistence could win the day. :slight_smile:

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The unfortunate thing is that notifications are more complicated than users can deal with. Its unlikely any setting can fully solve it except fully disabling notifications for the app or waiting for an update of the app or server side if its push notifications at fault.

Should add that the toggle settings for notifications are merely a toggles and can be a toggle anywhere in there that the developer puts it which means that various stuff could still happen anyway with it disabled.

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All my V3s have been doing it for a year at least.

It seems to be one when the event is still showing the live label on the video timeline and the second when the complete video has come back to the phone.

I’ve got used to it!

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I dug deeply once and found Google’s admission that an Android toggle for a particular setting was just a ‘suggestion’ of what the user would prefer and might not have any effect whatsoever.


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Hey! :wink:

One man’s flaw is another’s feature…

I’m receiving a single Notification per Event since early evening yesterday. Let’s see if it holds up. :slight_smile:

Still getting double notifications.

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Odd thing today… I got a double notification for “Complete Motion” on my V3Pro today. I have always had “all other motion” notifications off. Then, when I checked my notification settings for the V3Pro, all of them were on… ALL OF THEM.

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Huh. With Cam Plus Lite, notifying only on detected Persons, the screen looks like this:

As a Cam Plus subscriber wanting only Person notifications, your screen looks the same?

No. I don’t use Dark Mode. :rofl:

This is what it normally looks like with Cam Plus under my standard settings that I have had on the cam since installing.

But, out of the blue, I got a “Complete Motion” double notification for a single event which struck me as odd since I NEVER get motion notifications. When I checked the cam settings, it was like this. Very odd.

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If you only had my page, you might be bored. And if I was required to have your pages, I’d be overwhelmed. The range of customer preferences and capacities here is wide.

Yet, most of us would prefer not to receive duplicate notifications. And we cooperate toward achieving that end.

Comity. :people_hugging:


I’m trying to think of a conclusion one could reasonably draw about the state of this issue at the moment.

Is Wyze working on things behind the scenes, updating:

  • app modules that change behavior on-the-fly without a full app version update?
  • server and/or notification service interactions that may change performance incrementally?

Which is why for me the problem has ‘healed itself’ (apparently) while others still suffer it, and Seapup, Slab and maybe others experience odd anomalies in settings?

Hopefully someone from wyze sees this post and can notify the proper people.

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If you want Wyze to see it, it needs to be posted in the threads they watch and review.

First would be the thread they post for the App Release. As it happens, there was an app update released today that may address this issue. If not, a post there describing the issue, with an app log, will be seen by Wyze.

Next, if it is an issue that persists, posting the problem in the Fix it Friday thread, opened on the first Friday of each month, will be reviewed by Wyze.

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Omg, same and it driving me absolutely nuts!!! It has given me such anxiety lately that I just made the notifications silent & now I’m scared I may miss something important. I turned on “person notifications” in the Alexa app, so at least Alexa tells me if there are rando’s wandering around in my yard. It would be so awesome if my camera would actually recognize PEOPLE, rather than just send me “vehicle” notifications, even thought it’s a whole @$$ human standing there & not a car. Yikes! I feel like there is something always going haywire with these cameras or the app. I’m kinda really sick of it.

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My V3s have always done that but specifically with sound events, not with motion events.

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newest app update has not fixed the double notification sound issue lol. maybe the next one

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Same. Everything is up to date and still happening.

By the way, I did submit a log to Wyze maybe 1 week ago and havent heard back since.

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I hesitate to admit this but my Wyze 2 camera and app are terribly out of date and yet, I, too, am getting double notifications for three days now. The notifications are for the separate motion detector thingie (v1), not the camera.

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Thankfully I am no longer receiving double notifications. Anyone else fixed?

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All still well here since:

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