Wyze app and firmware updates - 8/17/2023

We’re releasing the 2.44.5 app with a reminder to disarm Cam Protect when receiving too many false alerts in a short period of time and a Wyze Cam Pan v3 firmware with a fix for a bug that prevented the detection of events. :smiley:

Read our Release Notes: :notebook:


I was hoping this Android app update would fix that pesky bug when viewing CAM+ events where it does NOT return to previous videos you left, but back to the beginning of the list! Hopefully it will come soon!


Anyone know if IOS fixes the Event List being blank until toggling to another date and back?

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It should fix that, I do not have an iOS device to truly verify myself though.


Installed the app on my Android and iOS devices. Things seem to be working well for me.

Will continue to test

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double notifications

If you’re still experiencing them after this app update, submit an app log and include the reference number in a reply to this comment.

Here’s the history:


2.44.5: We cannot rename some cam models in this release. In my case, cannot for the PanV1s, Cam V2s but can for my V3s. I first tought it was firmware related (last beta (2351) but it’s not. Reinstalled a previous apk (2.42.0) and this bug is not there. I could check tomorrow in what version this bug happened if the developers are not aware of this problem.


Are you experiencing this on Android or iOS?

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In iOS.:slightly_smiling_face:

What does it do when you try to rename the camera? I don’t have iOS to try to recreate the issue, but I will get it sent up to the team to investigate.

When I click the name, it doesn’t let me go to the next screen. Clicking the > does nothing.

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The Blank Events screen seems to be fixed in the new IOS and Android Apps. I don’t group cameras or do anything complicated. Just view Cloud Event videos and Playback of SD card. So far both App versions are working well for me.


After the iOS update, now I don’t get any alerts from my v2. V3 works fine.


This bug is back on Android production app and beta app, makes viewing events in the past worthless via the app and this is one of the most critical feature and reason to have wyze cams.

“* Fixed a bug that caused the Event page to go back to the top after viewing an Event video”

Why is this bug not fixed and why is it so hard to keep it fixed? Have uninstalled and cleared cache and experience this bug on multiple android devices.

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I noticed this bug on Android too. You could grab an older version of the Wyze App here.

V3 Pan fw android plugin Camera becomes inaccessible after ~1 hour. Rebooting reestablishes live view. Two cameras started this behavior after firmware update. Submitted trouble ticket 3263583 and log file. Anyone else having this problem?

PanV3 FW v. Android App v.

Cannot duplicate. All four Cam Plus cams running continuously, accessible, and uploading Motion and AI Smart Detection Events.

Are you pulling the power cords on the cameras and WiFi for 30 seconds when you say you rebooted?

Yes, removing power from cameras to reboot.

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