Wyze Cam v3 Pro, Wyze Cam v3, and Wyze Cam Pan v2 Beta - 7/8/2024

@midnight_jeep97 @carverofchoice
Could you submit a log and get me the log number for the issue of streaming to web view?

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I flashed one of my V3 camera back to to restore Google and Alexa connectivity. Web Live works again as well.

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Oh cool, I can submit a log straight from the web portal now!
Here’s one:
Log ID: 1476378.

Here’s another that I submitted right after a failed attempt to reconnect:
Log ID: 1476380


Here is a log # from the web liveview page.
Log id# 1477571


Im having the same issue on my V3 camera’s my log id:1477794

I just want to report that the new beta firmware for v3 is loading live view in a group and single vie very slow compared to the other v3s on

Also it introduced artifacts such as disappearing vehicle, people, moving plants and re appearing few frames later. To sum it up, the live feed is very jerky.

Another thing I noticed is that in a single camera view it dropped the resolution to 360p from HD.

Submitted log number 1477889

All my v3 do the same thing after update. Is there a fix? Customer service told me to opt out of beta and uninstall beta app. Reinstall public app. If I do this I get to redo all camera settings and groups I’ve put them in. And possibly lose all routines. Need a fix so I don’t have to do all this.

If you have an ad card available you can flash the camera with previous firmware. This would avoid setting everything up again.

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I have definitely noticed the slow to load but can’t say so about any artifacts. I will keep a closer eye on the cams to see if I notice anything.

Now I kinda regret updating to this latest beta firmware for my two old Floodlight V1 that uses Cam V3 because I have no way of rollbacking to the previous beta firmware

I forgot I needed that particular beta firmware because of:

  • Fixed a bug that caused no audio playback on Wyze Cam v3 when connected to Wyze Cam Floodlight (v1)

In addition, my Web Live, Google, and Alexa connectivity were still working with that older beta firmware as well. Oh well, hopefully they will get it fixed soon.

Here is another one.Your log ID number is…1478788.

Sorry for the trouble. We just deployed a fix on the cloud side to fix the webview connection issue. Please reboot the device and check whether the webview can be connected. Thank you very much!

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I confirm the V3’s are back to working on the Web Portal / Webview now. :+1:



Has the zoom function been restored within the wise beta app?

No, since that is an App-issue, we will have to wait for the Release Candidate update before we’re likely to see that fixed for the V3’s.

We are working on fixing the zoom issue.


I just realized that none of my v3s are sending notifications. The events get recorded but no notifications at all.

I should’ve known better than updating all my v3s. Now all of them load slowly and have no notifications :pleading_face:

Anyone else experiencing this?

I am getting notifications on my V3’s as normal.

Interesting :thinking:

So what in a heck did I mess up this time :thinking: :thinking:

Does changing camera names had anything to do with it?

It shouldn’t.

Do you have a subscription or none? (I forget)

I am using Cam Unlimited with AI detection notifications.

Maybe clear your cache and try toggling notifications off and on again? I have sometimes seen these things get reset with firmware updates. Happened to me recently.

If you have a subscription, you should also try pressing the “Reset Services” button in the app settings for that camera. Maybe restart the camera too.

Let me know if any of that resolves it.