Wyze Cam V2 stop event recording after upgrade

My 2 Wyze Cam v2 devices stopped recording events after recent firmware upgrade. My v3 cam continues to work fine (did not get an upgrade). Didn’t change anything else, and settings appear to be exactly the same. Upgrade seems to have downgraded the devices to a useless state. You can view through them live, but no events get recorded. Can the firmware be rolled back to the previous version?

All 7 Wyze Cam v2 have stopped recording events as well. :thinking:

Same situation here. All 4 cams are no longer recording events. Only live view available. They were all recently updated.

Please take a look at the topic that is currently tracking this problem with the latest V2 Firmware release:

Hi @Frorsteig @mr.mr @bigblindbbq Sorry to hear that cameras are not working normally. Could you please provide me some logs and snapshots of your current recording settings please. Thank you so much!


I’m getting event recordings, but, Cam Plus detects all Vehicles as a Person. See photo. Frustrating since it keeps telling me there’s a person in my front yard, when only a vehicle is driving past.


Thank you! Could you please pass me a log for this camera? THank you!

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Hello @WyzeDesmond. I have submitted Log ID: 76219 w/ screenshots. Hope this helps towards a resolution. Thank you.


@bigblindbbq Are all 7 cameras subscribe to Camplus or Camplus Lite?

Not sure how to attach a log here, but I have sent in a log via App previously which I’m told goes directly to the engineering team only. They said it’s not a hardware or camera issue, but rather an AI issue. Never used to have this issue, started in early October.

Used to work fine before, but now if a car pulls up on the driveway, it tells me there’s a person in the front yard. If it’s only a person, with no vehicle, then it will say it’s a person, and it will detect if person is carrying a package.

But now everyday, I get constant notifications of people in yard when it’s only a vehicle driving past, plus I have my boundaries set up where it ends at the curb. However, AI puts a green box around what it detects. But the box overlaps boundary and still sets off AI detection.

Thank you, may I have the log id please? I will have the AI team take a look.

Here’s my Submitted Log. ID: 745788

I only have the “Front Yard” V3 cam on Cam Plus. The other 4 are on Cam Plus Lite.

I’ve also

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I’m having the same issue. Can plus lite on two v2 cameras no event notices or recordings.

Thank you all for reporting this issue. We have found the issue and just finished fixing it. Could you please verify if you can trigger proper events now?

If the issue still exists please try reboot your camera once. Then the events trigger should come back normally.



Yes, cameras are recording events again. Thanks.


Yes, fixed…thanks for the quick response!


Sad, but just another iteration of (lack of) Wyze QA testing. :roll_eyes: