Wyze Cam Pan v3 Video intermittently recording

Installed one of these today. I have 3 other Cam v3 cameras that record fine to cam plus.

The new cam on v3 sometimes records but mostly does not just get a thumbnail.

I notice it has a different firmware to my other v3 cameras.

Support says they are closing case and await firmware updates.

Is this a known issue.

Can you be more specific? Since you mentioned Thumbnails, can I assume you don’t have CamPlus on this cam? What specific differences are you seeing compared to the V3’s?

Correct. It is not a Cam V3. It is a Cam Pan V3. It has firmware unique only to that cam since it is the only articulating PTZ w\ Privacy Mode that Wyze sells. The Cam Pan V1 and Cam Pan V2 also have their own unique firmware as do all Wyze Cam Models.

Also note, a cam that is actively panning or tilting is also actively changing the field of view and self producing what is perceived as object motion in the field of view. Motion Event Video will therefore be perceived quite differently than a Cam V3 with a static field of view and no cam produced motion.

When I say thumbnails I see the usual event picture with the ai detected item like Vehicle and say 15s - so it tries to record.

But when I click the event I just have a still picture.

Yes Cam plus license assigned to this one.

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Can you post a screenshot of one of those videos?

Is there a green question mark off to the right?

When you live stream the cam, is the Cam Plus logo showing in purple on the cam icon at the top next to the cam name?

Yes to both questions see screen shots

Thx! The green question mark on the right is the telltale sign.

This is a video upload failure. For whatever reason, the video is failing to upload from the cam to the server. There were issues with this in the past, but I thought they had fixed it and don’t recall what settings changes may have helped.

I’m going to look for threads that dealt with that and get back to you. I am also unfamiliar with the iOS app. I am going to call on some iOS experts who are also familiar with the green question mark issue and ask them to post in suggestions.

Update: I did find some posts that were discussing this in the past on other cams. They were all requesting cam logs and the dates and times (with time zone) the failed upload occurred. I have been informed there may be a correlation to the number of other simultaneous upload events that were occuring on your network at the same time or a breakdown of WiFi \ ISP connectivity.

Are you able to post a cam log number and some event dates\times\zone to assist the Wyze Devs in finding the root cause? Thx!

I am having the same issue. Submitted a log today

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Submitting a log won’t do anything unless it can be picked up by a Wyze Developer to be looked at. Those just sit in the rather large log bin until a developer pulls them by number.

Please post the log number here along with the date, time, and time zone of the event that failed to upload.

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Log number 897807 2023-01-18. 19:36:22 hours Eastern time zone. This is one of many.

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Thx! Will flag that to Wyze for you. They may PM you if they need more.

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Thank you

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I been having this exact same issue. but it happens probably 60% of the time. Not sure if it is a problem with my network or the Pan V3. I’ll look to see if my other cams, mix of V2 and V3 are having same issue, just been playing with the new cam more and noticing it. Not rolling out my wifi as the cause either. I’ll try and grab a few logs and post here.

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I do not have this problem with any other Cam v3. As far as my network goes I have 1 Gb internet with about 4 ms latency and regular upload speeds of about 800mpbs. Using Netgear Orbi RBK53 router and Signal strength showing on this device is 2 bars.

i do see more ping latency to the PAN cam than my other cameras. between 11-30 ms whereas my other cameras usually are under 20 ms.

hey if this is any help, here is a log number for the same issue as chetperk.

log # 898601 2023-01-19. 12:52:55 Eastern time zone. 2 out of 3 signal bars.
so 5 other cams also uploaded at the same time to the cloud 4 Vs and 1 V2. and they all played fine. However I am not rolling out my wifi or internet speed as the issue yet.
Hope this Info helps out

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Thanks for the log. I will add it to the flagged list!

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Here are some recent logs on this issue


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Thx. Added them to the list.

Wondering if using an sd card in this camera would affect the problem. Can’t say I have used sd cards in any of my cameras and didn’t know if recording is written to sd card before uploading to the cloud.

They are independant functions that operate seperately. You can set your cam to do both, only one, or neither.