Wyze Cam v3 with Cam Plus sometimes don't upload video for events

Hey guys,

This issue has been bugging me for a while.
Have a wyze Cam v3 with cam plus subscription.

Recently, from the events tab, I would found a few consecutive events only showing thumbnails but no video, I can still go to the playback to check what happen but it is really annoying. The timeframe sometimes span for 30-40 mins.
And other videos works fine as expected. There wasn’t any correlation between when working and when not.

Steps taken but all didn’t help:

  1. Restart from app.
  2. Unplug and wait and plug back in for powercycle.
  3. Unassign/assign from cam plus.
  4. Clear cache from account tab → app setting.
  5. Both iOS app (2.36.0(14)) and the v3 ( firmware are latest.
  6. Checked wifi signal from the device info, I have 3 bars sometime 2 bars.

This cam is facing the street, so frequently I will have events with vehicles/person.

Has anyone encounter the same? And probably give me some pointer to debug.
I sent the logs to support and waiting for their reply. But just wanna try my luck with all the masterminds here :wink:

Thanks in advance.


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When you open these events, does it show a green question mark below the image on the right hand side?

This is a known issue with FW

The firmware update to that version has been paused while they investigate the cause and fix it.

Note: This firmware is being paused to investigate an issue with event recording.


Yes! I do see that green question mark and that asked me to submit logs.

I would wait for the next release and update here.
Hopefully the logs I sent would help them xD.

Thanks a lot @SlabSlayer !

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You’re welcome!

Here is the thread where the first reports came in and discussions on the problem.

Keep an eye on the #news channel for a announcement of the next update or a fix.

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