Paid for cam plus and can't see 80% of events!

So I finally bit the bullet and subscribe to cam plus. Although when I signed up I did not see anything about the 50% off offer, you think this company would let you know that there is a deal to be had, but of course not! So now, 80% of my event videos only show a thumbnail, and 0 seconds of footage will play, although the list shows that they all are varying lengths. I have sent logs for tons of them over the last 24 hours, why is this happening? It totally defeats the purpose of being able to go back and look at an event. What if one of these events was my car being broken into, or a life and death emergency? I have well over $1,000 worth of wyze junk, I have really had it with this company. But then again I’ve had these feelings for quite some time and then stupid me goes and signs up for cam Plus.

Did you search the forum? This exact question was asked not long ago and solution was found.

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I am not aware of any 50% off CamPlus offer, but I haven’t been shopping for CamPlus. I have dozens of cams so I got the Unlimited plan long ago.

There were issues reported yesterday that involved the servers not acting right with event videos. You may have experienced that. Additionally, they are currently investigating some Video Upload errors that are being caused. There is currently new Firmware in Beta testing to try and remedy that. Those issues are discussed here.

If you are still having issues, you might need to refresh your cams and app with the server to get them recording appropriately. Here is a 12 Step plan to do that:

  1. Unassign Cam from CamPlus
  2. Clear the App Cache in Account → Settings
  3. Sign Out in Account
  4. Close App
  5. Force close from OS App Info
  6. Reboot device
  7. Power Cycle Cam (30s unplugged)
  8. Open app
  9. Sign In
  10. Reassign CamPlus
  11. Verify Cam Settings
  12. Test

If you still experience problems with event videos not playing, take a screenshot of that video, submit a log to support, and post that log number and screenshot here so that it can be flagged to the devs to be looked at with the rest of those experiencing the issue.

Note: sending logs does nothing unless the log number is sent thru channels and picked up by a Wyze Developer. All those submitted logs just sit in the log bin until specifically pulled out by number.

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