Wyze Cam Pan v3 firmware - Released 4/1/2024

This is a good option for me because at the present time I cannot have sound notifications turned on for my wyze cameras because ,I have several cameras that are shared with me and I cannot turn off notification on those and I don’t want to get sound notification every time a cat moves at my daughter’s house

Thanks for that thorough test!

So, someone could still manually point the Pan V3 down at the base or back at the wall and it will still work, just can’t “turn it off” or Privacy mode. That’s still fine. Good to know though.

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Yes that would work as long as you don’t have detection zone enabled because if you do it will return after 15 seconds

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Yeah, make sure no pan scanning waypoints or motion tracking are turned on until you leave the house.

I guess it’s inaccurate.

Since @HDRock and @tc10 mentioned using trigger cameras and rules, I decided to do my own testing with a Video Doorbell v2 :doorbell_v2:, Cam Pan v3 :cam_pan_v3:, and Cam OG :cam_og:. I disabled the Wyze Rules and Google Home Automations I’ve been using as an extension chime work-around, because I didn’t want any of that affecting the tests. My devices and app are up to date, including today’s production version Android app update.

With the Cam Pan v3 and Cam OG selected using the doorbell’s “Cameras as Chime” setting and with both cameras on, pressing the doorbell button causes each camera to make a “ding-dong” sound. Following the doorbell button press, there’s a brief lag before the house’s mechanical chime sounds, then the camera’s chimes follow that. The Cam OG tends to ring first, and sometimes the Cam Pan v3 rings twice (for no reason that’s apparent to me).

If I enable Privacy Mode for the Cam Pan v3, it does not ring when I press the doorbell button. This inherently makes sense, because, while the Cam Pan v3’s solo live stream screen displays a message saying “Your camera is in Privacy Mode.”, the live stream pane that shows in that camera’s group has an overlay with a power button icon and a message that says “This device has been turned off.”

If the app is telling me that it’s turned off on that screen, then I don’t expect the camera to be responsive or do anything at all. Since the Cam OG’s solo live stream screen has a “Turn Off” option, I would expect the same behavior if I use that button to turn that camera off (though I did not actually test this).

I still think it’s a cool idea. It just doesn’t appear to work that way.

Because I haven’t actually used Privacy Mode much, I can see the current working state as being a useful addition to the cameras, especially since I haven’t seen any official announcement about Google Home “Voice notifications” availability for the Video Doorbell v2.


Thanks for confirming.

I guess if it’s important to someone to have chime access without video, they can always make the camera face the wall and turn off “recording events” etc. Then it would work as if it were just a chime. But if someone wants it as just a chime, then an OG camera would make for a better cost overall. Though I do like having the option on a pan camera to be able to turn it around while away from home.

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You’re welcome! I’m happy to test and (hopefully) provide useful information to the community.


You have indeed been doing a lot of that.


As have you! That’s kind of you to say. I appreciate the feedback.


I set a rule to have the v3 pan “ring” when my doorbell pro is pressed. I get all the notifications on my phone that the button is pressed, my chime rings but my v3 pan doesn’t ring. I power cycled it too and restarted the app. What am I doing wrong?

Did you try it without using a rule? The way I made a Cam Pan v3 (and Cam OG) ring was to enable it in the doorbell settings. I don’t have the Video Doorbell Pro; I have the Video Doorbell v2. I would expect the settings to be similar, but I’d have to rely on input from someone with a Video Doorbell Pro to be sure.

For the Video Doorbell v2, from the app’s home screen, I tap on the Video Doorbell v2 > Settings :gear: > Chime > Cameras as Chime to get to a “Select cameras” screen. On that screen, I can check the boxes beside the cameras that I want to act as accessory chimes.

Thanks, I am trying to do it using rules since it’s my only option. I attached the screenshot.

My doorbell pro doesn’t have the chime options that you mentioned so I can’t do it through doorbell pro settings.

Hmm wait, my v3 pan firmware is not the one that was released on April 1. All nine cameras are which’s not even the most recent before April 1. But when I go to try to update it, it says I have the most recent firmware. I am wondering why it’s not alerting me to a new firmware. Any ideas on how to update it manually?

I get that. I haven’t actually tried that, but I’ve seen those options available in Rules. I was sharing the way I did it because that’s what worked in my own testing, but I don’t have a Video Doorbell Pro, so I’m aware that your experience may be different.

There’s a Support article about another method:

I haven’t ever tried that, though.

I remember reading once on the Discord server a comment from @UserCustomerGwen about how Wyze tends to release updates in waves and hold back a certain percentage from the update initially. Supposedly this is done so that if a bug is detected after the release, then it won’t affect all users all at once. This gives them some padding for detecting problems and applying hotfixes, when needed. (I’m paraphrasing the issue as I understood it.)

Still, several days out, I’d expect that the firmware update would be available to you, and you’ve already said that you power cycled the camera and restarted the app. (Here I’m making the assumption that your Wyze app is also up to date and that your mobile device has been rebooted recently, because some camera firmware updates come with a note that they require a certain (i.e., latest) version of the app in order to download and install.) :man_shrugging:

Thanks I updated the app and in turn it updated all the firmware on all cameras. Still didn’t work (chime/ring) after a full power off/on. I’ll wait a day to see if anything changes and report back.

Yeah, I wondered if that might be part of the issue for you.

Good! I’m glad you were able to accomplish that much. I’d still be interested to learn if the Video Doorbell Pro or Video Doorbell (Wired) (essentially the v1) have or will receive an update to their respective modules in the app that allow for the selection of cameras as additional chimes, the same way the app section for the Video Doorbell v2 currently does. That seems like it’d be an easier way to manage that feature from a user perspective.

A-ha got it to work. I didn’t realize that the firmware was not the most recent one. All cameras went through another update to load the most recent firmware. It did work after that, although I think the ring is pretty low in volume.

Thank you for your help.

PS: the doorbell pro is the latest firmware but doesn’t have the chime settings that you have for your current doorbell.


I’m not aware of a way to adjust that in Rules or the settings for a given camera, which is another reason I think having a consistent way to manage this feature within the app modules for all of the doorbell models makes sense. When I want to select a camera to use as an accessory chime for the Video Doorbell v2, I can navigate to this screen:

There I can tap Cameras as Chime to get to the next screen, where I can select which cameras I want to use:

Once I’ve made my selection(s), when I tap the Done button, the app presents me with another screen where I can make some more decisions:

If I choose to Customize that camera’s use as a chime, then I get this:

That’s where I can set the volume, and as a user I’m controlling it all from within the app’s doorbell section, not trying to create separate rules and manage the feature with triggers. Hopefully at some point this kind of interface will be similar across the range of doorbell products.

I do like Rules, and I use them. I appreciate the flexibility they allow for device interaction beyond the other settings in the app. I just think this is one of those cases where a more consistent user experience makes sense, especially for customers who don’t want to dig into Rules.

You’re welcome!

I appreciate that bit of information. Thanks!

Thank you. Actually I was looking into doing a group action rule for all my cameras so I don’t have to do a rule for each camera to ring, but when I do group action where multiple cameras are listed under a group, Ring does not show up. :frowning:

Yeah, I’m seeing that in the app, as well. I think this is just another argument for having a consistent app interface for all the doorbells and allowing management of camera chimes there.