Google Home (e.g., Nest Mini) ring with Wyze Video Doorbell

I also hope this is the case. As I’ve said before, I’m not angry and can’t speak for anyone else, but I think I share some frustration and disappointment here about Wyze’s practice of seeming to promise an integration in the marketing of a product (i.e., the original FAQ for the VDBv2 that–at the very least–strongly implied that Google Home/Nest devices could be triggered as accessory chimes out of the box) but then walking back that message with a kind of “Well…no…what we actually meant to say was…”

I think what adds to that frustration is the opacity of the messaging from Wyze about how they’re actually addressing the issue and when users might be able to expect such a feature to be delivered. I have difficulty accepting a we’ve-done-all-we-can-and-can’t-do-more-at-this-time answer when it seems relatively clear–including @ejuliao2000’s most recent example–that other companies have already done the work to make this integration functional. What I would personally find satisfying would be a statement of genuine contrition like “Y’know what? We over-promised, and that’s on us. We’re in the process of remedying this and making it work like it should, and we will regularly update this Topic as we make progress toward that goal. Please be patient, because we’re going to make this happen soon.” That’s not really what I’m seeing here, and that’s disappointing.

This does work, and I genuinely appreciate @carverofchoice’s helpfulness in directing me to @Thesilente’s detailed post describing the work-around. In my case, I’m using a Wyze Plug, two Wyze Rules, and two Google Home Automations to accomplish this:

  1. First Wyze Rule: IF Doorbell is pressed, DO turn off Doorbell Trigger (Wyze Plug).
  2. First Google Home Household Routine: Starter Doorbell Trigger turns off, Actions Announce to household “Someone is at the front door” and Stream Front Doorbell on Home Hub.
  3. Second Wyze Rule: IF Wyze Plug (Doorbell Trigger) has been off for 1 minute, DO turn on Doorbell Trigger. (This is the trigger reset so that the next doorbell button press can act on the rules again, and it also starts the next step so that the video stream will stop automatically.)
  4. Second Google Home Household Routine: Starter Doorbell Trigger turns on, Actions Go Home (to reset Home Hub).

Personally, I think it’s awesome that people smarter than I am have figured this stuff out and given me the tools and knowledge to customize the Rules and Automations in a way that works for me. I like that flexibility, even if there is some lag between the steps. Having said that, though, setting up these kinds of automations and triggers should be optional–something a user might want to do with the realization that not everyone has the desire, willingness, curiosity, or capacity to do this–and I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect something similar to this to work out of the box and with minimal lag (and without additional hardware, like a Wyze Plug or spare camera, as at least one other user has apparently done), especially when other hardware vendors have apparently figured out how to make this work.

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