The Rule Team would like you to vote on some Rule Actions

This should be the focus, and it’s one of my perpetual frustrations with Wyze (as much as I continue to use and enjoy the products): There seems to be a desire to make new things and get them out the door instead of improving and refining what’s already out there. That’s my perspective as an outsider, anyway.

Here are a few specific examples of what I’d like to see fixed:

  • Just getting to Rules from the main screen is weird, and there are two paths to achieve the same end. As a user, I would expect tapping the “+” on the main screen and then tapping “Add Rule” to navigate to the rule creation screen and not to require an additional “+” tap (on the Rules screen) to begin creating a rule. (Tapping the pencil icon on the main screen and then “Edit Rules” already goes to the Rules screen, so the plus icon (+) and then “Add Rule” seems like it just duplicates that flow in an unnecessarily redundant manner.)
  • Users should be able to reorder DEVICE TRIGGERS Rules (the bottom section of the Rules screen) in the same way as SHORTCUTS Rules, and toggling “Enabled” off for these rules should send them to the bottom of the list so that the disabled Rules are grouped together out of the way.
  • In the “Do” section of a given Rule (when editing), I’d like to be able to re-order actions for aesthetics, organization, and ease of use. (I want to be able to more easily read the rule actions I’ve selected and order things logically.)
  • There should also be 1 × 1 widget options. If I want to trigger a rule with a tap on my device’s home screen, I don’t need that to take up 2 x 2 or more in screen real estate.
  • When a plug is in a group, the “Turn on for” action is broken (there is no option to select a time); this option is present if I select the plug by its individual name and not by the name of the group. This seems to be a bug or a coding oversight.

If the community would be better served by having some of these things split out into separate Wishlist or fix-it-friday topics, then I hope a Maven or Moderator will let me know.

I was unaware that this is how it currently works, because that would not be my expectation and I haven’t experimented much with this. Thanks for making this point.

I agree completely.

Cam OG also has that feature (which can be enabled to trigger on a generic motion detection without Cam Plus), and I agree with your idea to prioritize adding this to the doorbells and outdoor-specific cameras.

Yup. I’m currently doing something similar.

Yes, the focus should be on making sure that what’s out there with existing product works optimally before trying to hang new stuff on a suboptimal framework.