"Lights, Cams & Sensors - action" from Wyze user community

Has Wyze consider opening up a portion of the Rules for various products including “Lights, Cams & Sensors - action” for user code submissions?

perhaps an open source section where users can create some of the missing rules for themselves and others to use in the interim…

or perhaps even allowing users to submit code for use by Wyze for the rules.

I might even get back into coding. though 15 + years of rusty.

This could help to keep the Wyze costs down by involving some of the ‘Wyze’ users.

I see some of the Rule requests from awhile back that could be really helpful to many of us.

I’m sure Wyze has read all the existing Wishlist requests covering open source, open API, crowdfunding, etc. Not going to happen. At least in my lifetime.


ahh, ok, I will delete!!

No!!! This is a great conversation starter! :+1:


Ok, ignore my request to delete!!! :smiley:

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If I recall correctly, I think Dave and his cofounders in Wyze used a lot of open source when they started the company.
I thought that this might be an interesting way for them to in a controlled space (sandbox) build on their Wyze roots and move forward in a few areas needing attention.


It would be nice. Many have even offered to code for free. But I doubt the codebase is set up for easy integration of externally developed plugins. Perhaps Wyze will reconsider after the launch of the app redesign.


I agree, this is a great topic, and one I advocate for A LOT too! I am very supportive of what you are suggesting here.

I do know that Wyze has told us there are big upgrades and changes coming to their Rules engine in 2023.
I doubt that includes anything close to what is being requested here, but I am glad they are continuing to find ways to make it better.

I suspect that a lot of what is being requested here and elsewhere may be able to be somewhat satisfied as the Matter initiative progresses more. As companies, including Wyze make devices to be Matter compatible, I believe this will also open up the possibility for us to create our own more complex rules by leveraging other Matter supported platforms that DO allow programming our own rules, such as Home Assistant, for example.

As Seapup said, it is good for Wyze to continue to see conversations LIKE this because it helps them to know there is still ongoing interest. As I said, I too will continue to advocate for things exactly like this. :+1: I am very supportive.