Motion Sensor Sprinkler

I am interested in having a motion sensor sprinkler. I’m thinking of it as the most humain pest control on the block. Its primary purpose would be to keep passers-by critters from helping themselves in my garden. But if it occasionally gave a respectful reminder to a neighbor dog relieving itself on my lawn, that wouldn’t hurt either. If a civilized delivery person brings a package to my door using the sidewalk as intended, no harm, no foul. But if a heathen wonders off the clearly designated path and walks on the lawn, then Blasto, a sprits of cold justice. Kids, friends, pets, coworkers, solicitors, delivery folks, unexpected or uninvited guests, I would have no problem hitting all of them with a quick shot of my authority.

The tech is all there, we just need a well packaged integration. It wouldn’t take much to start laying down a new law with an instant and totally unbiased judge and jury of H2O.

Ps. This is a fully thought out real suggestion, all jokes aside, it’s a great idea.

While not perfect, you can kind of do this right now. Wyze has rules that allow you to tell the Wyze sprinkler Controller to “Start Watering” and “Stop Watering”. It is fairly limited though. You can’t tell it to water a certain zone, just start watering.

However, some people just get a smart hose controller that works through Google or Alexa and then have them turn on the sprinkler when the Wyze cam has a detection within their detection zone area.

Other people have had their Wyze cam use RTSP through either special firmware, or Docker Wyze Bridge or Tiny Cam Pro, then use Home Assistant to make advanced automations to do this with Smart Hose Controllers.

I had a feeling there would be Wyze-wise diy-er who had already put it into action. I like creative solutions like yours. I submitted the idea as a wishlist request in hopes that a more formal, marketable, and sellable standalone product/service could make it both possible and easy. I’m sure tons of users have had this idea already. The aim and spray with accuracy element was one I hadn’t figured out entirely yet which Is part of why I brought it up. I was imagining it being sold as a green, sustainable, chemical free, cruelty limited, humor enhanced gardening item. Products like this already are on shelves from about $40 to $120. What Wyze could offer to that competition is a good price and the potential recorded reaction video which most of the others are missing. I think a lot of the more successful innovations using Wyze products have also been the most obvious and easiest to implement. Maybe this product line smash up has a chance to work without tons more creative engineering in that same way…