Sprinkler Controller Alexa Support

Add Alexa skill support for Wyze Sprinkler Controller

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Please add Alexa support to Wyze Sprinkler Controller. For example:

  • Allow issuing a ‘Quick Run’ command on a specific zone through Alexa
  • Allow watering specific zone for a certain duration through Alexa
  • Etc.

I second this. I was using a Rachio controller with Alexa support before. I switched to Wyze to consolidate my smart devices. I had to give up Alexa voice support for my sprinkler system to do this. I really like having all Wyze products but I’m not a fan of giving up features to do so.

Plus it was such a cool factor to have voice controlled watering. It was a highlight of my garden.


To me, this would be huge. Giving access to Alexa opens up a ton of possibilities that just aren’t in the app currently.


This has been added to our development roadmap!


That’s great to see.
Any idea on an ETA for this?


We have not ruled this out but it is not on our current roadmap.

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Ah, I see.
Is the Kenny guy above not affiliated with Wyze?

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Kenny was an employee when he made that post back in Aug of 2021.

With us trying to focus on cameras and getting the bugs fixed (and the fact Amazon let go a large part of the Alexa team) we have had to place some of these on the ‘later’ list.


Just throwing in my hat for team Alexa supporting sprinklers.

Sadly, it won’t happen. I’ve had maybe 2 total updates to the sprinkler since I’ve had it and I was one of the folks that pre-ordered.
While I’ve had no problems with the sprinkler controller, if it goes out I’m buying another brand.

A friend literally asked me about this yesterday and because it lacks Google/Alexa support, he bought a Ranchio.

Don’t want to give it for free, make it part of the annual subscription piece and include it there. May get a few more to sign up.

Please add alexa support for the sprinkler controller. The ability to add extra water on a specific zone is pretty important, and this would certainly add a useful convenience. In addition to the usual landscaping and garden watering, one of my zones adds water to the pool to account for evaporation and waterloss from swimmers, splashing, etc. This is quite variable and the ability to just ask alexa to do it allows my non-tech wife to deal with these issues while I’m away.

This is a muat have! Please add!